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Car Carpet Paint Explained – The ColorBond Differences

January 27, 2021


Whether you use Carpet Refinisher, Carpet Stylin’, or LVP Refinisher, ColorBond is the perfect car carpet paint for restoring or restyling your auto carpet. While all three products use the same formulation, and work and look great on carpeting, we developed Carpet Stylin’ and Carpet Refinisher to help customers easily identify our car carpet paints and select the colors most used.

Car Carpet Restoration

Carpet Refinisher, Carpet Stylin’ and LVP Refinisher are great solutions for restoring stained and worn carpeting. Offering a cost saving alternative to carpet replacement, they are easy to apply and come in easy-to-use aerosol cans. ColorBond’s revolutionary molecular bonding paint penetrates deep into carpet fibers providing results that look great and are highly durable. Importantly, the carpet is left feeling soft and natural after painting. Why pay hundreds of dollars for new carpeting when at a fraction of the price you can use ColorBond to make your existing carpet look new?

What differentiates our car carpet paint is color availability. Carpet Refinisher comes in Black, Taupe, Light Gray, Dark Gray and Crimson. Carpet Restylin’ gets wild by offering Bombastic Blue, Chrome Yellow, Competition Red and Skid Mark Black. LVP Refinisher has over 205 colors available! Including OEM correct colors for many makes of vehicles. Match your original carpet color or change it to a new color. With all the available hues one is only limited by imagination!

Carpet Color Correction – ColorBond completely covers stains.

Carpet Restoration – Beautiful Mustang restoration using ColorBond.

Carpet Customization – Before using ColorBond.

Carpet Customization – After. Black paint was used on the carpets as well as the carpeted and plastic portions of the door panels.  

ColorBond makes it easy to get great results.

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