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How to Paint a Leather Jacket Black Without Ruining It

February 8, 2023


Leather coats and jackets have always been popular. With their rich look, great smell, and easy care they’re worn year-round. Leather coats and jackets provide versatility, with some styles complementing elegant high fashion while other styles impart a rugged look. The garments are also durable and provide protection, like acting as windbreak and offering natural water resistance to help keep their wearers warm in cold weather and protecting them from road rash in the unfortunate event of a motorcycle accident. With biker jacket, bomber jacket, racer jacket, flight jacket, leather coat, leather blazer and other designs available, there are sure to be styles that will appeal a variety of tastes. While popularity of leather coat and jacket styles often vary over the years leather jackets always seem to be in vogue. They have a classic style with a tough-guy appeal that is timeless, not trendy. While leather jackets are available in dozens of colors, black is the most popular. If you have a leather jacket and want to change the color to black, you can do the job yourself with leather paint. But you’ll need to be careful; here is how to paint a leather jacket black without ruining it.

Best Paint to Use on a Leather Jacket

The paint used on the jacket must be specifically designed for leather, otherwise the result will not only look bad, but it also won’t last long. Leather paints are acrylic based and have the flexibility needed to bend with the leather without cracking. They also can adhere to leather without peeling. For painting larger areas, such as when you paint a leather jacket black, leather paint in spray form works best. The application will be uniform and there won’t be brush marks to contend with.

Leather dye can also be used, but leather paint is often preferred as dye is susceptible to fading over time, and the color can transfer from the leather onto other surfaces. Such as clothing. Also, leather dye won’t allow the change of a dark color to a light color, however leather paint will.

ColorBond LVP works fantastically to recolor a leather jacket or other leather, vinyl, or plastic item. The paint has high pigmentation, which means just a few thin coats provide excellent opaque coverage. The paint is highly flexible, and this flexibility combined with the thinner paint film keeps it from cracking as the leather flexes. The word “Bond” in ColorBond is a very accurate description, as the paint strongly bonds to the surface without peeling.

Leather Jacket Painting Procedure with ColorBond

Using ColorBond to paint a leather jacket black is an easy and simple procedure.

  1. Use ColorBond Prep Cleaner to thoroughly clean the leather of dirt, grease, grime, skin oil and other contaminants. Getting the leather as clean as possible is a crucial step for the best paint adherence. Also, Prep Cleaner doesn’t leave residue, which can affect bonding of the paint.
  2. Apply a light mist coat of ColorBond LVP twelve inches from the surface. Apply additional coats as needed, giving 2 minutes dry time between coats.
  3. Allow 10 minutes after the last coat has been applied for the paint to thoroughly dry and bond. The jacket is then ready for use.

Alexander J. used ColorBond LVP in Ford Black (#119) to change the color of his leather jacket from black, orange and gray to a uniform black. He says he is thrilled with the result.

It’s Easy!

With ColorBond LVP it’s possible to easily paint a leather jacket black without ruining it. As a matter of fact, it will look great!