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Car Trim Paint Can Make All the Difference

Posted on December 01 2021

Car Trim Paint Can Make All the Difference


Car trim paint can make all the difference when refreshing the look of a car or truck or creating a new look. Replacing exterior and interior trim can cost quite a bit, and sometimes be difficult to do. This writer, even after being very careful, has broken plastic trim attachment tabs and clips when removing trim pieces. Very frustrating. However, with car trim paint you can paint the part you have, saving money and if the part doesn’t have to be removed, and can be painted in place, fastener breakage can be avoided.

Painting Car Interior Trim

ColorBond offers car trim paint for restoring and restyling cars and trucks. ColorBond LVP Refinisher is offered for interior and exterior applications, while Pro Tech Trim Color is designed primarily for exterior applications.

LVP Refinisher bonds strongly to leather, vinyl and plastic. It has a high concentration of colorant in the carrying medium and is formulated to be durable, yet flexible. Which means it has excellent coverage and can be applied in thinner coats than other products without cracking and peeling. Users find it easy to use, applies evenly, and dries quickly. LVP Refinisher car trim paint is available in hundreds of OEM correct vehicle colors. Keep in mind that when used for exterior applications it is recommended that LVP Refinisher be top coated with ColorBond Dash Clear UV Protectant.

Car Trim Restoration Results

Nissan 300ZX seats, dash, console, door panels, shift and e-brake handle restyled with LVP Refinisher

Mustang door sill detailed with green LVP Refinisher

Over time, mirrors, facias, and bumper can become dull and faded. ColorBond Pro Tech Trim Color provides a beautiful, durable, and long-lasting finish and is formulated in 8 different OEM correct colors that return trim to its original glory. Black #622 is popular as it’s the perfect car trim paint for black plastic mirror, door, and bumper trim. Pro Tip: Metallic Pro Tech colors can also be used to refinish metallic painted hard plastic interior trim with a durable and long-lasting coating.

Pro Tech Trim Color used to refinish Mercedes front bumper


Mirrors can be made to look like new with Pro Tech

Car trim paint can make all the difference when refreshing the look of a car or truck or creating a new look. ColorBond Paints provide beautiful, durable, and long-lasting finishes that can make any car or truck look great.

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Reviewed by: Malcolm Johnson

Reviewed by: Malcolm Johnson

Malcolm Johnson founded and operated ColorBond Paint since 1996. He has over 30 years of experience in the automotive painting industry. ColorBond Paint specializes in leather, vinyl, and plastic specific aerosol paint that is OEM approved for automotive manufacturers.


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