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How to Change the Interior Color of a Mercedes Benz

Posted on December 07 2022

How to Change the Interior Color of a Mercedes Benz


A Mercedes Benz will generally last a long time. The vault-like build quality as well as care provided by the owners who have the interest and money to keep these cars maintained ensure a long life. Many decide to keep their car for decades, and during this time they may want to spice things up and totally change the interior color of their Mercedes. Or they may have to replace worn or damaged interior trim and need to change the color of the replacement to match the rest of the interior. This is where ColorBond LVP in OEM certified Mercedes colors comes in handy.

Mercedes interior colors

ColorBond LVP is a paint used on leather, vinyl, and plastic. Over the years, it has been used by thousands of people to restore vehicles. The paint is durable, doesn’t crack or peel and has a finish appearance like that of the original upholstery or trim. ColorBond LVP is offered in 205 colors, including OEM Certified colors for 20 vehicle manufacturers, including Mercedes Benz, with eight OEM Certified interior colors currently offered. If you’re choosing a ColorBond LVP OEM correct Mercedes color to match your interior, you’ll need to know your Mercedes interior color code.

Where is the interior color code on a Mercedes?

The Mercedes interior color code can be located on the embossed plate that’s on the front core support beneath the hood. Here is an example of where to look. Or you can call the parts department of your local Mercedes dealer and provide them with your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). They can use this to look up your interior color code. Once you have the code, match it to the corresponding code of the ColorBond LVP certified Mercedes paint color, which you can find here.

ColorBond LVP Changes Mercedes Interior Colors

Check out these Mercedes project examples.

Mercedes 300SD Interior is Color Matched

Brian F. decided to replace the console and door panels of his 1985 Mercedes 300SD. He found parts in great condition, but they were tan, and his interior is black. After researching, Brian learned about ColorBond LVP in Mercedes OEM correct colors and decided to paint the tan pieces to match his interior. Four cans of Anthracite #349 were used to paint the door panels and console at a cost of less than $100.00. Before painting Brian used ColorBond Prep Cleaner, as proper surface preparation is the key to a durable, long-lasting finish. Brian exclaims: “ColorBond worked wonders on these door panels and console! Many people have asked me when (and from where) did I buy brand new parts! Fantastic product!”.

Brian’s Mercedes 300 SD interior color changed from tan to Mercedes Anthacite with ColorBond LVP

Mercedes E320 Headrest Color Changed

Bill F. purchased a 2001 Mercedes E320 wagon in great condition, but the three headrests on the rear seat were missing. It seems owners sometimes remove them for better rearward visibility, and in this case, they were and got lost before the car was sold to Bill. Wanting to replace the headrests, he contacted a Mercedes dealer and learned they cost $1,400! Bill decided that was way too much money for new headrests and found a used set online that was in excellent condition for $65.00. Like Brian, he needed to completely change the color of the parts as the headrests were black, and his interior is gray. He began looking into the best way to change the color of the headrests when a trusted friend in the automotive industry told him about ColorBond.

Bill was happy that the job took less than an hour to complete. Before painting, he cleaned the headrests with rubbing alcohol. “There were no globs of paint or spots of varying finish. They looked exactly like the front headrests. I can’t tell the difference and I’m fussy. I’d call it amazing” says Bill. Only one can of ColorBond LVP in Mercedes Crystal Grey was needed. Added together, the $65.00 headrests and the $23.35 paint came to $88.35. Compare that to $1,400.00 for new headrests.

Mercedes E320 rear headrest color changed to Mercedes Crystal Gray with ColorBond LVP

Whether you want to Change the interior color of a Mercedes or need to change the color of a replacement part to match the rest of the interior. ColorBond LVP in OEM certified Mercedes colors is an economical way to get fantastic results.


Reviewed by: Malcolm Johnson

Reviewed by: Malcolm Johnson

Malcolm Johnson founded and operated ColorBond Paint since 1996. He has over 30 years of experience in the automotive painting industry. ColorBond Paint specializes in leather, vinyl, and plastic specific aerosol paint that is OEM approved for automotive manufacturers.


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