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Porsche Interior Restoration Gets Easier with ColorBond

Posted on April 22 2022

Porsche Interior Restoration Gets Easier with ColorBond


Porsche interior restoration can be challenging. Whether you’re restoring a classic Porsche or freshening up the appearance of a newer model, interior trim parts are expensive and sometimes hard to source. Which makes refinishing existing trim with car interior paint for leather, vinyl, and plastic a lower cost and often easier proposition than replacing them.

ColorBond LVP Refinisher is perfect as it’s available in Porsche OEM correct colors and provides a beautiful finish that is durable and long lasting. Sometimes even a Porsche with a ratty looking interior can be easily brought back to life with a little time, elbow grease, and ColorBond. 

Porsche Interior Restoration

Porsches from the early and mid-2000’s are often especially in need of interior trim restoration. They, like other German vehicles from this time have rubberized soft-touch plastic that covers most of the controls and switches. Not only is this easily scratched or damaged, but certain kinds of lotions, cleansers, and moisturizers can cause it to dissolve, degrade, and get soft and tacky. This is particularly noticed in wet and humid weather. In most of these cases the Porsche interior restoration can be done by removing the soft touch coating and refinishing them with ColorBond.

Check out these examples of Porsche interior restoration being performed with ColorBond.

Porsche 911 Interior Restoration

Nick L., a Porsche enthusiast, purchased a 2001 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet with only 75,000 miles on the odometer. Nick was experiencing the problem with the rubber type coating used on the hard-plastic interior trim pieces scratching and peeling. After researching the issue on Rennlist.com, a Porsche enthusiast online forum, Nick learned about using ColorBond’s Porsche OEM color correct interior paint for restoring the trim pieces to their original appearance.

Nick found the time-consuming part of his Porsche interior restoration was scraping off the remaining soft touch coating from the trim pieces. After, he lightly sanded with a succession of sandpaper grits; 300, 600, 1000 and 2000, wiping the surfaces down with rubbing alcohol after sanding with each grit. He then applied ten light coats of ColorBond LVP Refinisher in Porsche OEM color correct Graphite Gray #1130 to the console, ignition switch bezel and passenger side tweeter bezel. After thoroughly drying he sprayed on another four coats followed 3 more days of dry time before re-installing the trim pieces.

Nick says the results were incredible and that the LVP Refinisher matches the trim pieces perfectly and they look just like the original parts. “The Porsche technician I take the car to for service work blown away by the appearance!” Says Nick. Overall, 2 cans of LVP Refinisher were used at a cost of $33.00. Compare that to the cost of replacing the interior trim pieces. Nick says the console alone would have cost $712.00 to replace!

Porsche Boxster Interior Restoration

ColorBond customer Andy had the peeling problem too. The console and emergency brake handle of his Porsche Boxster was looking horrid, so he used ColorBond to restore it to its former glory. The results were fantastic. “I think LVP refinisher is great. It dries fast and looks awesome. Anyone can do it if they follow the directions. Before using the paint, I used ColorBond Adhesion Promoter as recommended.” Said Andy. A used console and emergency brake handle in excellent condition would have cost about $425. Two cans of ColorBond covered the console, brake handle and shift boot at a cost of $47.00.

Porsche Steering Wheel Restoration

Elvis U. trusted ColorBond to restore his Porsche steering wheel. “ColorBond was very easy to use. I loved it and will definitely use it again for other vehicles.” Said Elvis. A used replacement steering wheel in excellent condition runs $500 or more. However, only one can of LVP Refinisher was needed to refinish the steering wheel at a cost of $23.35.

Porsche interior restoration gets easier with the help of ColorBond.


Reviewed by: Malcolm Johnson

Reviewed by: Malcolm Johnson

Malcolm Johnson founded and operated ColorBond Paint since 1996. He has over 30 years of experience in the automotive painting industry. ColorBond Paint specializes in leather, vinyl, and plastic specific aerosol paint that is OEM approved for automotive manufacturers.


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