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Refinishing Mercedes Door Panels for Under $100

Posted on May 21, 2018. 0 comments

Our friend Brian Feiden sent us some really great photos when he refurbished his Mercedes door panels.

ColorBond worked wonders on these 1985 Mercedes 300 SD panels!!  Many people have asked me when (and from where) did I buy brand new door panels and molding.  Fantastic product!! I will be using in many more applications in the coming months. Your product will be a game changer in our new auto restoration business.

Brian took his door panels from tan to black Mercedes Anthracite. He did this with 4 cans plus a can of adhesion promoter and prep 09 cleaner.

The total job cost was under $100! You can’t beat that savings!

Mercedes Door Panel - Tan

Mercedes Door Panel - Black

Mercedes Door Panel - Black

Mercedes Door Panel - Black

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