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Proper Paint Preparation Yields Best Results

Posted on Feb 21, 2019. 0 comments

ColorBond Paints are known for their easy application and great looking, durable and long-lasting results. To obtain the best results, proper paint preparation is important. For all surfaces we recommend using ColorBond Prep Cleaner to remove dirt, dust, and oil, as well silicones and conditioners that could inhibit the paint from bonding.


Using ColorBond Prep Cleaner is simple:

  • Clean the surface thoroughly
  • Apply ColorBond Prep Cleaner with clean, tack free cloth
  • Remove excess cleaner
  • Dries in five minutes

When refinishing hard trim or metal such as door panels or pillars we recommend sanding with 1200 grit wet sandpaper or a Mr. Clean type eraser, washing with Prep Cleaner, and then applying a thin coat of ColorBond Adhesion Promoter. This will improve the bond between the surface and the paint. Of note, while it isn’t necessary to sand soft trim such as vinyl, it is recommended to lightly sand leather. Adhesion Promoter does not need to be used on soft trim and leather.

After cleaning with Prep Cleaner:

  • Dry the component completely
  • Shake the can for 60 seconds before application
  • Apply ColorBond Adhesion Promoter
  • Apply heat (recommend 10 minutes at 140 - 250° F)

Check out this video showing Adhesion Promoter being applied to the dashboard of 2018 ColorBond CLeo Award Winner Carlos Medrano’s show car. 

Once the surface has been prepared apply ColorBond paint.

For an overview video showing use of Prep Cleaner and Adhesion Promoter Click Here.

With proper paint preparation, the best and longest lasting best results will be achieved with ColorBond paints.


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The ColorBond Pro Tech Line of Auto Trim Paint

Posted on Dec 20, 2018. 0 comments

ColorBond’s Pro Tech Line was created to restore and customize automotive components like trim, wheels and engine compartments, and are great for the DIY or Professional. ColorBond Pro Tech Trim Color auto trim paint is great for wheel flairs, mirrors, window trim, door trim, and bumpers. Primarily metallic paints, they have been created to match OEM finishes on a wide range of exterior components and can also be used on interior hard plastic metallic finished trim.

ColorBond Pro Tech Trim Color auto trim paint provides a beautiful, durable and long-lasting finish, and is perfect for cars, boats, motorcycles and other power sports vehicles. Check out this golf cart which was refurbished using black Pro Tech Trim Color paint.



You’ll see they also changed the golf cart seat color using ColorBond LVP Refinisher interior paint, which is the sister product to Pro Tech. They go together for a great refinishing strategy that can make both the interior and exterior look great. While users are doing their interior with LVP Refinisher they can complete the exterior trim, bumpers, mirrors, fascia with Pro Tech. It’s important to remember when refinishing TPO/PP to first prepare using ColorBond #09 Prep Cleaner, and ColorBond #215 Clear Adhesion Promoter. Like LVP Refinisher, Pro Tech Trim Color auto trim paint is easy to use and provides a superb finish.

For their classic truck restoration project, Long Motor Corporation used Pro Tech and LVP Refinisher  

Whether for the Professional refurbishing used cars, or the DIY vehicle owner customizing a show car, ColorBond Pro Tech Trim Color will provide a showroom quality finish.


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Carlos Medrano Interior Restyling Project - Painting the Dash

Posted on Sep 05, 2018. 0 comments

Carlos Medrano continues the restyling of his 2013 Honda Civic Si interior to change it from black and teal to white with a white carbon fiber decal overlay on hard surfaces. First the surfaces are being base coated with a ColorBond white car interior paint and then the decal is applied. Carlos is hoping the results of his interior restyle will earn him his second ColorBond CLeo Award, which is to be presented at the 2018 SEMA Show. Here are videos of Carlos' progress:

Stay tuned for future posts on the progress of Carlos' restyle project using ColorBond products!
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