Tire Paint Restores Like New Appearance to Your Tires

Posted on August 06 2021

Tire Paint Restores Like New Appearance to Your Tires


Faded, scuffed, or discolored tires can make a vehicle look bad. Affecting your enthusiasm for the car or truck and possibly even the resale value. The tires may still have a decent amount of service life left. So, spending money on an expensive new set of tires, just for a better appearance, may not be a good idea. In this case, what do you do? We have two words for you. Tire paint.

Tires can start to look faded because of oxidation, and “tire bloom” can cause the tires to get a brownish color. Tire bloom is caused by antiozonant, which is a chemical in the rubber that helps keep tires from deteriorating from oxidation, rising to the surface of the tire.  Tire dressings can go a long way to temporarily make tires look better, but it they don’t make the actual color of the tire darker. As well they will wash off and can sling off the tire and onto the car. With tire paint, the black color of the sidewall is restored making it appear new, and it provides a long lasting and durable shine.

When painting tires, it is important to use a paint that is specifically formulated for use on tires. Tire paint is designed to bond to rubber and not expand or retract with changes in heat. Tire paint is formulated to be resistant against scratching and chipping from things like gravel strikes, as well as to be resistant to sunlight, salt, and chemicals.

Of note, fine cracks in the sidewall or tread of the tire indicates the tire is aged and needs to be replaced. Compounds in the tire which function to keep the rubber supple, and integral have been exhausted and the rubber is drying out, becoming stiffer, and deteriorating. Which can make the tire prone to a blowout. So, painting a tire that has reached this point, and continuing to drive on it, is a bad idea. In this case, even if there is a lot of tread left, it is best to replace the tire.

ColorBond offers Spit Shine Tire Black to restore tire sidewalls to a like new appearance. Spit Shine Tire Black bonds to the tire surface and will not sling or wash off. ColorBond is a great tire paint option as it restores color and shine to the tire without stripping the antiozoants that protect the tire. ColorBond is user friendly as it sprays on without use of primers and dries quickly. Quick dry time allows you to apply additional coats without a long wait between coats. So, you can get the job done in a short amount of time.

Application of Spit Shine Tire Black is easy:

  1. Clean the tires with soap and water. Use a degreaser as necessary
  2. Mask off the rim of the tire (and body of the vehicle adjacent to the tire, if the wheel hasn’t been removed from the car)
  3. Spray on Spit Shine Tire Black
  4. Allow to dry for 15 minutes

ColorBond Spit Shine Tire Black comes in a 12 oz. aerosol can and covers approximately six square feet.

Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a new set of tires when you can make your tires look great with tire paint?

For more information on ColorBond Spit Shine Tire Black click here.


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