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Tractor Paint as Part of Maintenance

Posted on September 15 2021

Tractor Paint as Part of Maintenance


Proper maintenance of tractors is important for professionals and non-professionals alike. A little time spent on regular maintenance can help avoid expensive repairs or the need to replace major components. Most people think of maintenance as changing filters, engine oil, and fluids as well as being sure tire pressures are correct, but there is more to it than that. Repairing rust, or coating exposed metal that could rust is just as important, and that’s were tractor paint comes in.

Rust not only makes the tractor look aged, but significant rusting and degradation of components could lead to their failure, and even safety issues. Rust, also called iron oxide, is most commonly seen as a reddish or orange colored scale on iron or iron alloys such as steel. Once rust begins it will continue to eat away at metal, and unless it’s stopped rust will completely consume it. For rust to form, metal needs to be exposed to two elements: water (or moist air) and oxygen. To keep metal from rusting it needs to be separated from air and moisture. Tractor paint provides this barrier.

Unless repaired, rust will continue to eat away at metal

If the tractor’s paint has a light scratch and visible rust has not yet begun to form the repair can be simple: Wash the area with soap and water, use fine sandpaper (such as 2000 grit) to smooth the edges of the broken paint. Then wipe the area down with isopropyl alcohol and touch up the scratch with tractor paint - making sure there is good coverage to seal the metal from water and oxygen.

However, if the scratch is deep and the metal is exposed the procedure becomes more involved. Scratches or chips that have penetrated your vehicle’s paint and primer require additional repair including the application of new tractor paint and primer. First wash the area with soap and water and remove loose or flaking rust with coarse sandpaper or a wire brush. A scuffing pad then can be used to clean the metal of any remaining rust and roughen the metal surface for best paint adhesion. 2000 grit sandpaper can be used to smooth the edges of the broken paint if necessary. Wipe down with isopropyl alcochol and apply a quality primer. Finally, apply a top coat of tractor paint.  

Proper paint maintenance can help a tractor last longer

ColorBond offers Pro Tech Industrial Protective Coating, which functions as an excellent tractor paint. This industrial aerosol spray paint is designed to repair or touch up damage to the painted finish of metal surfaces and provides a great looking and long-lasting coating that protects against corrosion. It’s toughness and durability provide maximum protection. The formulation of Pro Tech Industrial Protective Coating makes it highly opaque to provide excellent build-up and coverage. Making quality repairs and touchups quick and easy. Pro Tech Industrial Protective Coating is gas, oil, and grease resistant, can handle temperatures up to 300°F, and is available in 7 colors.

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Reviewed by: Malcolm Johnson

Reviewed by: Malcolm Johnson

Malcolm Johnson founded and operated ColorBond Paint since 1996. He has over 30 years of experience in the automotive painting industry. ColorBond Paint specializes in leather, vinyl, and plastic specific aerosol paint that is OEM approved for automotive manufacturers.


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