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What’s the Best Paint for Vinyl?

Posted on December 01 2022

Vinyl paint shown used on vinyl window frames and vinyl convertible top


If you're planning to refinish vinyl, whether to restore its original appearance or give it a whole new look, you need to be sure to use the right paint. Otherwise, your new and beautiful finish could end up flaking and peeling, leaving the vinyl looking far worse than before you started. It’s important to use the best paint for vinyl if you want the job to turn out right.

What’s vinyl paint?

With many paint choices on the market, choosing the best vinyl paint can be a challenge. Basically, vinyl paints are available in water-based acrylic formulations, as well as urethane and acrylic resin blend formulations. These paints remain flexible and hold on as the vinyl flexes. They are also able to expand and contract with the vinyl as the temperature changes. Which avoids cracking. As for what paint shouldn’t be used on vinyl; latex or oil-based paints won’t adhere to vinyl, and will quickly blister, crack and peel.

ColorBond LVP is a paint specialized for use on leather, vinyl, and plastic. It powerfully bonds to vinyl on a molecular level to remain strongly adhered and provide excellent durability. ColorBond LVP’s formulation has a high pigment concentration so it provides excellent coverage with a thin film thickness. This allows the vinyl surface texture, like pseudo leather grain, to show through rather than being obscured as happens with a thick film coat. Another benefit of ColorBond LVP’s thin film coat is it can flex without cracking better a thick film coat. The thicker the film coat, the more prone it is to cracking and peeling when flexed.

How to use vinyl paint

Using vinyl paint is a straightforward process, with surface preparation being more easily done compared to the preparation needed other materials, like metal or wood. Thoroughly cleaning the vinyl surface is key to a great paint job. It’s critical when you use vinyl paint to remove all dirt, debris, grease, or sunbaked grime that could interfere with the adhesion of paint to the vinyl. Before you use vinyl paint it’s important to consider the residue that might be left behind by the cleaners that were used, as it too can reduce paint adhesion. Cleaners like isopropyl alcohol (no more than a 50% strength), acetone, and Windex can be used to avoid residue. Also used is ColorBond Prep Cleaner, which is specifically formulated to thoroughly clean and prepare vinyl for painting without leaving residue.

ColorBond Prep Cleaner being used to clean the vinyl seat of a vintage Mustang

Check out these wildly different ways to use ColorBond LVP to change the color of vinyl!

1. ColorBond LVP used to paint vinyl windows

Painting vinyl windows and shutters can be done beautifully with ColorBond LVP. Check out this customer project to change the color of vinyl window frames: “I used ColorBond LVP on the vinyl seats of my Bronco and has held up really well over the years. Figured I'd try it to paint vinyl windows in our house. I can't believe how well it is holding up to the elements and the dramatic change in the appearance of the house is incredible. Thanks, ColorBond! The cost of replacing the vinyl windows would have been astronomical!”.

Steve C. used ColorBond LVP to repaint the vinyl top of a Jaguar XK8 from tan to black. “The job took about four hours including prep, cleaning, and masking. The ColorBond paint was quick and easy to apply. It dried quickly - the low wait time between coats was amazing! I applied three coats, and it was so easy, there were literally no challenges with using the ColorBond LVP. After I was done, I simply took off the tape I used to mask the body and it was ready to go. No other work was required. A new top would have been at least $1000.00. I’m now totally confident in ColorBond upholstery paint and will use it again!” Steve Concludes.

If you are planning to refinish vinyl, whether to restore its original appearance or give it a whole new look, it’s important to use the best paint for vinyl for a beautiful and durable finish that won’t crack, flake or peel. ColorBond LVP provides a proven choice.



Reviewed by: Malcolm Johnson

Reviewed by: Malcolm Johnson

Malcolm Johnson founded and operated ColorBond Paint since 1996. He has over 30 years of experience in the automotive painting industry. ColorBond Paint specializes in leather, vinyl, and plastic specific aerosol paint that is OEM approved for automotive manufacturers.


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