With ColorBond Your Automotive Restoration or Restyling Project is Within Easy Reach

Posted on February 14 2020

With ColorBond Your Automotive Restoration or Restyling Project is Within Easy Reach


If you want to restore or customize the interior of your car or truck it can be an expensive proposition. You might even think it is cost prohibitive and put it off. Or never do it. We at ColorBond are here to say that with our interior upholstery paints you can restore or restyle your interior at a cost lower than you ever dreamed possible. Consider the cost of replacement of the following components using ColorBond versus replacement or reupholstering.


Having leather seats professionally reupholstered, that is completely replacing the old material with a chosen fabric and adding foam or batting where needed, typically costs $400-$950 per seat. However, with ColorBond LVP Refinisher approximately three cans would be required at a cost of $49.47. A huge savings! Fabric seats can be refinished by using Carpet Refinisher. Reupholstering fabric seats usually runs $200-$750 per seat. Again, approximately three cans of Carpet Refinisher would be required at a cost of $49.47.




If you want to replace the carpet yourself, a typical aftermarket replacement carpet kit will run about $200-$500. A carpet kit from an original equipment manufacturer will cost about twice that. If the job is performed by a professional the materials will run approximately $400 to $1,000 plus another $600 to $800 for labor for a total of about $1,000 to $1800. The costs, if you were to want a customized design, could be as much as $2,500.

However, with ColorBond Carpet Refinisher carpet paint you can recolor the carpeting yourself at a fraction of the cost of replacing it. Carpet Refinisher, an easy-to-use aerosol car carpet paint is the perfect solution to restore soiled and worn carpeting is that delivers professional results in no time. Typically, three cans of Carpet Refinisher are needed to recolor a carpet set. That’s a total of $49.47, as opposed to hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Door Panel

Door panels themselves usually cost $200-$400. Add $75-$100 for installation labor and you are looking $275-$500 per door panel. With LVP Refinisher you should be able to complete the job using three cans at a total cost of $49.47.




Replacement of a dashboard can be very pricey. The average cost for a dashboard replacement is between $2,094 and $2,243! Labor costs are estimated between $567 and $716 while parts are priced at $1527. Once again, a dash can be restored or restyled with LVP Refinisher for about $49.47. Replacing the dash would cost about 44 times the cost of ColorBond.




For just the headliner material, a typical four-door sedan will cost about $100, whereas an SUV or minivan will cost about $250.  As for professional installation, it’s best to double this rate, meaning a four-door sedan will cost about $200+ for a new headliner professionally installed or about $500 for a professional to install a new headliner in a larger vehicle or specialty car.  This would include the materials and professional rate. With Carpet Refinisher approximately three cans of the carpet paint are required to recolor the headliner. A total of $49.47 as opposed to to $500.

Consider the total cost of replacing or reupholstering all of these components could be $4270-$6000, versus $250 to refinish with ColorBond. That restoration or restyling project is in reach after all!

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