Hard Plastic & Vinyl Sponge

Car Cleaning Sponge by ColorBond


Picture of Hard Plastic & Vinyl Sponge
Prepping upholstery for paint is critical and the ColorBond Sponge is the perfect tool for the job. A sponge cleaner created especially for use with ColorBond products, you’ll find that it’ll become one of your necessary  car paint supplies. Soft and absorbent, our sponge does it all. As a car cleaning sponge, it’s large and easy to handle, so you won’t lose your grip while cleaning your upholstery. And when prepping for paint, the ColorBond sponge cleaner is durable and can take of the accumulation of dirt and wax with ease. When getting ready for an interior paint job, the ColorBond Sponge should be among your go-to car paint supplies.

Product Details

  • ColorBond  Vinyl & Hard Plastic Sponge