Pro Tech Trim Color

Paint for Trim by ColorBond


Picture of Pro Tech Trim Color
ColorBond Pro Tech Trim Color is auto trim paint created to match OEM finishes on a wide range of exterior components.  Intended for everything from auto body trim to side view mirrors and everything in between, this paint for trim is easy to use and delivers a superior finish. Great for repairing damage or performing a complete automotive makeover, this auto trim paint will easily match to a wide range of originally colored auto body trim. No matter what the use, ColorBond Pro Tech Trim Color will make your car look good.

Applying ColorBond's Paint for Trim 

Applying ColorBond's auto body trim paint is easy. Simply apply it using these basic steps: 
  • Clean the Component  with Soap & Water
  • Lightly sand with 1200 grit wet dry sandpaper
  • Apply Clear Adhesive Promoter (we recommend ColorBond # 215)
  • Apply ProTech Trim Paint in Light Mist Coats
  • Use Multiple Coats as Necessary
  • Allow to Dry 5 Minutes Between Applications

Product Details

  • ColorBond Pro Tech Trim Color
  • 12 oz. Aerosol Can
  • Coverage: 6 ft²