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Leather Car Paint

Whether you’re making a car leather repair, changing the color of an auto interior or painting leather furniture, ColorBond leather spray paint offers and easy-to-apply, cost effective option that delivers fantastic results. Equally effective on vinyl and plastic, ColorBond paint bonds with surfaces to create a soft, durable finish. 

To date we offer 188 OEM Colors. Within our Color Chart

Painting Leather with ColorBond

Considered unconventional by many, painting leather is a cost effective way to revitalize worn upholstery and can provide stunning results. Designed to penetrate the surface, ColorBond’s leather spray paint creates a bond that won’t crack, chip or peel and allows the original texture to shine through. Excellent for use when changing upholstery color or after a car leather repair, think of ColorBond when you want great results without spending a lot of money.

Paint Products

ColorBond Leather, Vinyl and Hard Plastic Refinisher paint is available in easy-to-apply spray paint. This revolutionary paint creates a molecular bond that completely restores or changes the color of your leather surfaces.

Benefits of ColorBond Paint Products

ColorBond paints and supplies are premium-quality products that revitalize leather surfaces. They are ideal for use on cars, boats, motorcycles and trucks as well as non-automotive applications. ColorBond leather paint offers many benefits, including:

  • Cost savings: You can save more than 80% of what you would have spent on reupholstering or replacing your leather surfaces.
  • Superior quality: ColorBond provides a long-lasting finish that will not crack, flake or peel.
  • Quick project turnarounds: Our leather spray paint dries in 45 seconds and bonds in 10 minutes.
  • Color matching: We create our paints using OEM color codes to give you the perfect color match.
  • Preserved texture: ColorBond does not affect grain simulation, so your leather surfaces will feel just like they did before you applied our paint.
  • Easy to use: It takes just a few simple steps to apply ColorBond Paint products.
  • Versatile application: You can use our leather spray paint for car seats, headrests, steering wheels, shift knobs and virtually any other leather surface.

Why Use ColorBond Paint?

Leather upholstery can deteriorate due to UV exposure, temperature changes, and normal wear and tear. You can use ColorBond Paint products to restore your leather surfaces to like-new condition without spending a fortune. ColorBond Paint products can save you anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars compared to investing in new upholstery or replacement parts. You'll get remarkably similar results at a fraction of the cost of buying new OEM parts.

We also have a wide range of OEM-Certified paint colors to choose from. You'll find colors made for vehicles by industry-leading manufacturers like Ford, Nissan, Honda, BMW, Toyota, Chevrolet and Volkswagen. Whether you want a custom look or an OEM color match, we have the perfect hues for any preference.

Our leather paint spray dries quicker, applies more evenly and lasts longer than similar products on the market. ColorBond's superior performance can save you a significant amount of time on your next leather restoration project.

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