Leather Car Paint

Whether you’re making a car leather repair, changing the color of an auto interior or painting leather furniture, ColorBond leather spray paint offers and easy-to-apply, cost effective option that delivers fantastic results. Equally effective on vinyl and plastic, ColorBond paint bonds with surfaces to create a soft, durable finish. 

To date we offer 188 OEM Colors. Within our Color Chart

Painting Leather with ColorBond

Considered unconventional by many, painting leather is a cost effective way to revitalize worn upholstery and can provide stunning results. Designed to penetrate the surface, ColorBond’s leather spray paint creates a bond that won’t crack, chip or peel and allows the original texture to shine through. Excellent for use when changing upholstery color or after a car leather repair, think of ColorBond when you want great results without spending a lot of money.