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LVP Refinisher

ColorBond Leather, Vinyl & Hard Plastic Refinisher is car interior paint that gives you an economic alternative to refurbish or customize auto interiors. Whether you are looking to refurbish car upholstery or create eye-catching custom auto interiors, ColorBond L, V & HP Refinisher can help you achieve the look you want no matter your budget.

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Trim Color Black

ColorBond Pro Tech Trim Color is auto touch up paint specially formulated to match OEM finishes on a wide range of exterior components.  Intended for everything from bumpers to side view mirrors and everything in between, this trim paint is easy to use and delivers a superior finish.

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Engine Enamel

ColorBond's Pro Tech Engine Enamel will give your engine a beautiful "fresh from the factory" look, without the big price tag. A shiny metallic alkyd primer, ColorBond's Pro Tech engine paint was developed with modern technology to deliver maximum adhesion.

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Mercedes Door Panels

ColorBond worked wonders on these 1985 Mercedes 300 SD panels!!  Many people have asked me when (and from where) did I buy brand new door panels and molding.  Fantastic product!! I will be using in many more applications in the coming months. Your product will be a game changer in our new auto restoration business.

BMW Interior Restoration

It was a last ditch effort to renew the interior because I was so unhappy with the drab colors inside.  It literally has given me a new love for the car all over again. All in all is it GORGEOUS.

SEMA Restoration

My car was a featured one at SEMA 2016 as well. I changed the color of my interior from grey to black with the colorbond paint. It saved me hundreds and I will continue to spread the word of the quality and simple use.

OEM Certified Paints

colorbond oem color match paint available