ColorBond Visits Australia

ColorBond Visits Australia, Lays Plans For Distribution

June 8, 2016

ColorBond was recently “down under” in Melbourne for SEMA Australia. We met with US and Australian trade emissaries and discussed the intricacies of importing to Australia. We also met with about 50 potential customers ranging from national distributors, retailers, and restoration shops that all expressed interest in ColorBond.

After taking in some scenic views around Melbourne (beautiful city, by the way), we spoke with members of the Australian Automotive press and also the Australian Automotive Association. We got to close out the trip at this great German beer hall in downtown Melbourne.

It was an exciting trip to make and it’s all about laying the groundwork to start distributing in Australia. After getting so many questions via email and our facebook page about getting ColorBond in Australia, we had to get the ball rolling and make that a reality!

Enjoy a few shots from our trip. The shops in Melbourne had these gorgeous cars on display.