ColorBond Talks Interiors in the B.V.I.s

February 26, 2014

Even on vacation, we’re always thinking ColorBond.  While visiting the island of Virgin Gorda, our friends in the BVIs gave us a tour of their restoration needs. 


First stop was Speedy’s Taxi and Car Rentals.  We were charmed as Manager Coralie George described the significance of the vibrant vinyl seat colors, and explained how they’re masterfully designed to mimic the colors of the island’s diverse floral landscape.  As Assistant Manager Floyed Stevens cleaned the vinyl on one of his vehicles, he expounded on how expensive it is to replace the taxi’s bench seats and tarps, and how a product like ColorBond would dramatically reduce costs by allowing them to restore rather than replace.  With the constant UV damage of the Caribbean punishing the interior of the vehicles, we discussed how beneficial ColorBond would be for restoring not only the seats, but the dash panels as well. 


Next up was the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor, a 10-acre yard providing services to yachts and boats from all over the Caribbean.  Marine Chandlery Manager Wilber Samper Samuel was kind enough to show us around.  From the striking yachts to the inflatable dinghies, Wilber took us through several instances of upholstery that would benefit from ColorBond’s refurbishing capabilities.  Because our specially formulated paint won’t crack, chip or peel away, Wilber said ColorBond would be an ideal solution for helping to refurbish so many of the boats that come through the Harbor. 


Before we knew it, it was time to return to the States and we had to say goodbye to the beauty of the BVIs.  Special thanks to Speedy’s and the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor for your warm welcome and informative tours.  We look forward to working with you soon!