Ken Bolen Wins 1st Annual CLeo Award 2014!

December 11, 2014

Malcolm Johnson, CEO of ColorBond Automotive Paint is pleased to announce the first annual CLeo Interior Restoration Trophy. This year’s winner is Mr. Ken Bolen for his beautiful restoration of a 1969 Cadillac Deville

Ken Bolen

2014 ColorBond CLeo Award

The CLeo Crystal trophy is awarded to an individual who has shown excellence utilizing ColorBond paints to restore the interior of any type of automobile including, trucks, muscle cars, classics and antiques.

The 20 foot long Cadillac Deville convertible was owned by Kay Stevens, a singer, entertainer and celebrity guest host and was frequently seen in the company of the Rat Pack. Mr. Bolen purchased the vehicle from Miss Stevens for $2,600 in 1994. The Caddy sat in a garage until 2013 and was restored this past year. Ken spent a total of $350 for ColorBond Paint and restored the leather seats, door panels, convertible boot and dash panel to the original color, Diamond White. Reskinning the leather interior would have cost between $3,000-$5,000.

This year’s award will be presented on Jan 15, 2015 at the Mobile Tech Trade show in Orlando, Florida. The Caddy will also be displayed in the ColorBond booth in Orlando.

The CLeo was established to honor Mr. Leo Kagan.

Mr. Kagan was responsible for moving the SEMA show in 1977 from Anaheim California to its current location in Las Vegas. SEMA is the world’s largest automotive aftermarket trade show.  Leo is 98 years old, and continues to work for ColorBond Automotive Paint.

Next year Leo will be celebrating his 99th birthday and 50Th anniversary as a member of SEMA. The 2015 CLeo award will be presented at the SEMA show in November. Next year’s winner will receive a $500 check and the opportunity to display their car at the SEMA show.

For more information contact ColorBond at 877-882-6567.


Leo Kagen

Mr. Leo Kagen