Customer Success Story: 2001 Porsche Boxster S

August 10, 2015

Our friend Mike was able to take a neglected and misused 2001 Porsche Boxster S and completely restore and interior. The damage was extensive: rips, damage from the elements, and even hay! Here’s Mike’s story:

I purchased this car from an ad on Craigslist advertising it as a “parts car” because of the neglected condition of the body and the interior. In addition to its many dents and creases the car had no hood, no rear window, the windshield was broken, and the trunk was full of hay! Apparently a rather eccentric artist owned the car and was using the car as a farm tractor for his estate. The interior was completely destroyed from being exposed to the elements and needed to be replaced. Luckily, I found a full replacement interior at a Porsche swap meet, and purchased it in its entirety.

In addition to fixing the damaged body, I decided to do some modifications to the appearance of the car, like different taillights, different front bumper, louvered side scoops, a custom tonneau cover and a custom designed interior. For the interior, I painted all of the accent pieces that were previously silver, body color to match the outside of the car. Then, I redyed the replacement interior from its original Boxster orange to a deeper richer red I also changed many black trim pieces to red, including the shift boot, windshield surround and door panels. As described in the videos, I used ColorBond aerosol as a base coat followed with a custom mixed top coat.

I am very happy with the results and I plan to submit this story to Porsche’s Panorama Magazine as well in a section called “personal Porsche’s” as well as show it at local shows.

I hope you like it as much as I do. Coincidentally I already made plans to attend this year’s SEMA show. It would be a blast to see my car on the show floor!


This restoration is nothing short of amazing. Mike was able to take a car that was completely neglected and restore it to glory. Check out these amazing videos and photos: