From the Inbox

February 19, 2016
Another satisfied customer! Check out this note we just received…
It is common to get less than we pay for in goods or services. At times we do get what we pay for. And then there are the much less common experiences when we get a great value, that the product or service is just exceptional and that is what happened to me on my first time using ColorBond products!
About 18 months ago I bought a used vehicle that required both front seats be replaced.  They were used, in great shape and out of the same year vehicle.  But they were several shades different than the existing upholstery.  So with that dilemma, I did a search and came up with ColorBond and I’m sure glad I did!  Following their instructions I refinished both seats and they matched perfectly and looked great.  Now 18 months later and daily use, THEY STILL LOOK GREAT!

We are going to buy another used vehicle this weekend and the pictures show some wear and “scuffing” as the current owner described the damage, mostly the drivers seat.  I have no doubt that with a bit of effort on my part and the correct ColorBond product, I’ll be able to make that seat near new again.

Michael Lawrence
VERY satisfied customer