A Hearse of a Different Color – Colorbond Paint

A Hearse of a Different Color

September 10, 2020


Thomas Meyer, owner of Superior Automotive Interiors, has used ColorBond professionally for the last three years. He was recently tasked by a customer to perform a challenging job: Recoloring the huge vinyl roof of a hearse.

It all started when a local funeral home got a great deal on hearse which they just couldn’t pass up. It was a deal to die for… The hearse came delivered with white paint and white roof. Which the funeral home didn’t find heavenly. Rather they wanted the exterior of the hearse to be black on black. So, the car was painted black. Next came the vinyl top. Thomas was approached to do the job.


Thomas says he almost didn’t take the job as it seemed overwhelming. “I was used to doing smaller scale work like recoloring seats and repairing burn holes. With all the surface area of the top I was concerned that it might not turn out right. However, I decided to accept the challenge and went ahead and took on the project.” Says Thomas.


The mental aspect of the job was the biggest hurdle. Thomas was concerned the preparation be done right, so the paint would adhere properly. Work commenced with two consecutive sessions of preparation consisting of washing, a scrub pad, light sanding, wiping down with acetone and power washing. Thomas wanted to be sure all dirt, grease and wax were removed. After letting the hearse sit for two days to be sure everything was completely dry, he took off all the removable roof trim, masked off the roof, and sprayed with ColorBond LVP Refinisher.


Congratulations to Thomas on an awesome job. Now it’s a hearse of a different color!