An Interview with Eddie Black – Colorbond Paint

An Interview with Eddie Black

September 21, 2018

Eddie Black, owner and operator of the renown Black’s Collision and Repair, and winner of ColorBond’s CLeo Award in 2017, was kind enough to spend time with us discussing his shop and experience with ColorBond Paint.

Eddie Black in 1972 with his project street rod

Eddie Black (left) and Vic Beasley

Black’s Collision and Restoration

Q: How long have you been in the automotive industry, and how did your business come to be?
A: I started in the automotive industry 44 years ago. My Dad had started a shop here in town in 1929 doing mechanical repair and bodywork, and that got me interested in doing the same type of thing. So, I went to technical school.

Dad had closed his shop in the 1950’s and went to work for Lockheed. When I graduated from technical school in 1971, Dad and I started this business, which is now Black’s Collision and Restoration.

Q: What types of vehicles do you work on?
A: We work on all kinds. Whatever comes in the door. Whether it is standard collision repair or restoration.

Q: What are some of the more interesting projects you have worked on?
A: Most recently we have restored a ‘68 Camaro, a ’71 Camaro, a ’64 Ford, a ’65 Corvette, and a ’63 Plymouth Convertible that went to the Houston Autorama. Also, there was the restyle of Vic Beasley’s 2012 Camaro convertible.

Editors note: Eddie customized a 2012 Camaro for Vic Beasley, an NFL All Star outside Linebacker who plays for the Atlanta Falcons. Eddie Black painted the interior Lamborghini Orange and Purple with ColorBond LVP and no interior replacements parts were used. All components are original. The exterior is painted orange. The vivid colors honor Mr. Beasley’s alma mater, Clemson University.

Q: Speaking of the Vic Beasley project, how did you come to be involved with that?
A: Vic grew up down the street, and my Grandson and he were best friends in high school. We know all the family.

Q: You used ColorBond LVP Refinisher to transform the interior of Vic’s Camaro. However, did you ever try other brands of interior paints?
A: Yes, I tried them all over the years. ColorBond is the best.

Q: What was your experience with the other brands?
A: They all had problems with peeling. Sometimes before the car even left the shop

Q: How did you hear about ColorBond?
A: I stumbled upon ColorBond while looking for interior paint in the colors I needed for Vic’s car. We bought the base concentrate colors, and using our paint mix system, blended the colors we needed.

Q: What was your experience with ColorBond?
A: The application was easy – it was amazing. It dried nice. The color match was right on point. Even two years after applying it to Vic’s interior, the ColorBond is still holding up well. Wear areas, like where the seat gets rubbed getting in and out of the car, are fine. We were even able to paint the Camaros top, which is unheard of because of the type of PVC material it is made of. Even with the top being folded and unfolded with use – the ColorBond looks great and hasn’t peeled.

We at ColorBond are proud talented craftsmen like Eddie Black find the performance of our products to be better than those of the competition. Again, we would like to thank Eddie for taking time to discuss his experience.

Vic Bealsey’s Camaro interior before Eddie worked his magic

Vic’s Camaro interior restyled by Eddie using ColorBond

1963 Plymouth Fury Max Wedge Eddie built – One of his favorites

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