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Boat Seat Paint Used with Fantastic Results!

June 10, 2022


At ColorBond we love hearing stories about the restoration projects our customers are performing with LVP Refinisher. With Spring here and Summer approaching we especially appreciate learning how customers are using ColorBond as a boat seat paint. Check out this restoration done by Debbie Vitosky!

The 2003 Maxum 2300 SC that belongs to she and her husband was stored outdoors and experienced problems with moisture build-up and mold, which had stained the interior. Having experience using ColorBond LVP Refinisher to repaint her car’s vinyl floormats, Debbie decided to use it to refinish the vinyl cushions and interior of the boat.

Now keep in mind that ColorBond offers LVP Refinisher in over 205 colors, which usually makes it easy for customers to find just the right color. However, as an art restoration specialist Debbie Vitosky was especially picky about choosing the color of the boat seat paint. “I think I drove Malcolm (at ColorBond) crazy finding the right color” laughs Debbie.

Dash after painting with ColorBond

As with all paint jobs, properly preparing the boat upholstery before applying ColorBond LVP Refinisher is vitally important. Dust, dirt, grease, suntan lotion, skin oil and appearance dressings (and mold in Debbie’s situation) need to be removed so that ColorBond will strongly adhere without flaking or peeling. ColorBond Prep Cleaner is formulated to thoroughly remove these contaminants. ColorBond users have also found success using rubbing alcohol, as well as acetone to clean surfaces.

“We scrubbed the interior down with a 20% acetone to water mix to be sure we got the surfaces as clean as possible before applying the boat seat paint” says Debbie. “It took us about day to clean and mask off the interior, then it took only part of a day to paint it.”

Debbie said ColorBond was easier to work with than standard spray paint, and that she had very-good control. It sprayed on with great coverage and dried quickly and evenly with no areas looking too light or too heavy. She also thought the paint and color turned out great and were very close to the original. As an art restoration specialist, we respect her opinion! Of note, while LVP Refinisher can be directly applied to leather as well as vinyl and soft touch plastics, it is strongly recommended that hard plastic items first be sprayed with ColorBond Adhesion Promoter.

Overall, Debbie used 14 cans of ColorBond LVP Refinisher boat seat paint at a cost of $337. In comparison, having the interior professionally reupholstered would have cost thousands.

Congratulations to Debbie on a job well done! The boat looks great!

If you have a boat project, or any other project using ColorBond, we’d love to hear about it. Please send photos and a brief description can be sent to Please be sure to include your contact information. Maybe your project will be our next feature!