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Cadillac Interior Paint Saves the Day

May 14, 2020

Tracy’s drivers seat after restoration 

Tracy purchased her 2003 Cadillac DTS in 2004 and has always treated it like her baby. Unfortunately, over the years the seats wore, and their appearance just didn’t match the quality of the exterior appearance.


Originally, Tracy tried to return the seats back to their original appearance with a leather dye. However, after a short period of time the color yellowed and the dye started rubbing off onto her clothing. Tracy then began looking for other solutions to restore the appearance of the seats. Having the interior reupholstered was not an option as an upholstery shop would have charged at least $2,000 to do so. Which was deemed too expensive. Then while at a craft store Tracy came across black spray paint for leather, which gave her the idea to see if automotive leather paint was available. That’s when she came across ColorBond Cadillac interior paint online. After being impressed by the LVP Refinisher demonstration videos, Tracy ordered three cans.

Preparation work included removing the old stain, and cleaning with ColorBond Cleaner and a Scotchbrite type pad. Tracy said she was careful to thoroughly clean inside the crevices that had formed in the leather. After testing the paint on her console with great results, she was confident to move onto painting her leather seats. Tracy also said she was careful to do uniform, light coats. Overall, the job was done over two days and used three cans of LVP Refinisher Cadillac interior paint at a total cost of $49.47. Compare that to a $2,000.00 reupholstery job…


“The job was quicker and easier than I expected, and I wasn’t expecting the results to look so professional. I’m very pleased with the outcome.” Says Tracy. “It doesn’t look like a spray paint and it didn’t plug the ventilation perforations in the leather like the dye did. It looks fantastic. I wouldn’t hesitate to use LVP Refinisher again or recommend it. Now my car looks just as good on the inside as the outside. This restored the rich luxurious look to this great one of a kind gem of a car which is now back to mint condition.” She enthuses.


Thanks, Tracy for that fantastic review. Your car turned out great!

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