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Corvette Upholstery Paint Selection by ColorBond Provides the Color Other’s Couldn’t!

October 14, 2020

Babe Adam’s wanted to restyle the interior of his C6 Corvette in a black and yellow two-tone scheme, with the yellow color to be used for the seat inserts exactly matching the car’s Velocity Yellow paint. While he purchased a custom two-tone interior, the supplier wasn’t able to provide the leather in the desired matching hue. That’s where ColorBond came into the picture.

“I was adamant about finding the leather in Velocity Yellow and looked all over the world but just couldn’t locate it. Then I found ColorBond Corvette upholstery paint, which I could use to recolor the seat inserts. ColorBond used my VIN number to provide ColorBond Seat Stylin in the correct Velocity Yellow color. I received the paint and tested it – it was perfect.” Says Babe.

To prepare the leather for painting Babe cleaned the surface with alcohol and then lightly scuffed it with a Scotchbrite pad.


“When I applied the Corvette upholstery paint, I wanted to be sure I didn’t plug up the perforated holes in seating surface. So, I applied three light coats and didn’t experience any problems. Overall it took about an hour to remove the seats and an hour to paint the inserts.” Explains Babe.


“In addition to the interior restyling, I have done other customization projects on the car. Including adding carbon fiber stripes and painting the wheels to match the body. I grade myself on these projects, and the only one that has received an “A” was the ColorBond project. It was hard to tell the leather had the Corvette upholstery paint applied and the leather remained supple. Other products leave a plastic feel. The product worked just as presented in ColorBond’s demonstration videos on YouTube. I use the car as a daily driver and so far I have seen no indications of wear.” Babe concludes.

Congratulations to Babe on a job extremely well done!

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