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Golf Cart Upholstery Paint Gives New Life to Jeff’s Cart

June 11, 2020


Jeff Horniche’s golf cart was pretty plain, but not anymore. His RV park ride went from yawn to wow with help of ColorBond LVP Refinisher golf cart upholstery paint.

Jeff decided his white on white golf cart needed a restyle and started by having the body work professionally painted black. With that completed he moved onto the vinyl seats, which were stained and discolored, but the overall condition of the material was good. He considered reupholstering or buying new seats but didn’t want to spend that much money. That’s when Jeff’s wife thought painting the seats with golf cart upholstery paint could be a better option.

After researching upholstery paint online, and checking out other brands, they decided on ColorBond. “We weren’t that familiar with painting upholstery and figured if it didn’t turn out well, we could always have the seats reupholstered.” Says Jeff.


Jeff started by scrubbing the seats with soap and water and then followed that up with ColorBond Prep Cleaner. He then applied ColorBond LVP Refinisher in OEM correct Porsche red. “It took 6 light coats to change the color from a lighter hue to a darker one” explains Jeff. Overall, he used four cans of the golf cart upholstery paint to complete the job, and a bottle of the prep cleaner. At a cost of $73.00. As opposed to several hundred dollars to replace the upholstery.



Together the black paint and the red seats look amazing. “We think the seats turned out great, and together with the black paint the cart looks amazing! Our neighbors at the RV park give us a lot of compliments!” Jeff concludes.

Great job Jeff!

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