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How to Restore Cadillac Eldorado Headrests

March 1, 2023


For years, the Cadillac Eldorado has portrayed an image of sportiness. Perhaps the epitome of the domestic 2-door luxury coupe and convertible, it projected an image of opulence, financial success, and exclusivity that owners found irresistible. The automotive restoration industry is responding in kind and the number Eldorado restoration specialists and availability of reproduction parts is continually growing. While these services and parts can be expensive, it is possible to restore a Cadillac Eldorado on a budget by doing the work, or at least some of the work, yourself. The job of refinishing the original vinyl and leather trim is a DIY project you can do with ColorBond LVP leather, vinyl, and plastic paint. ColorBond customer Nathan Speck-Ewer is in the process of refinishing his Eldorado interior with ColorBond LVP. Here he shows us the results he got when he painted the headrests.

ColorBond LVP Makes Cadillac Eldorado Restoration Easy

Over the years, many people have found ColorBond LVP allows them to economically restore their leather, vinyl and plastic interiors parts with great results and yet do it inexpensively. With proper preparation, which includes thoroughly cleaning the leather and/or vinyl with ColorBond Prep Cleaner, the resulting finish has the quality and sheen resembling the original material when it was new. ColorBond LVP is designed to apply in a thin film layer with excellent opacity. Because of its formulation and thin film thickness the paint stays adhered to leather, vinyl, and plastic without peeling or cracking as it the leather and vinyl surface flexes.

ColorBond LVP Refinisher is available in 205 OEM certified correct colors that will match the original interior colors of hundreds (if not thousands) of vehicle models. Cadillac interior colors are part of this palette, however, do not include some of those used on the ninth generation Eldorado. The good news is there are colors that come very close, and the entire interior can be color matched if all vinyl and leather components are refinished with the paint. Another option is to use ColorBond LVP Mixing Base to restore an Eldorado interior. This allows custom mixing to exactly match most any OEM interior color. However, keep in mind that Mixing Base is a tinting base that requires further preparation before use by professional upholstery restoration specialists or experienced applicators.

Nathan’s Eldorado Headrests are Restored with ColorBond LVP

Manufactured from 1953 to 2002, the Eldorado was the most expensive Cadillac offered from 1957-1960 and was often the priciest and technically advanced Cadillac offered in the years that followed. Today the classic Eldorado models are highly sought after, with the ninth generation (1971-1978 model years) arguably garnering the largest recent increase in enthusiast interest. Nathan’s car is a ninth generation, and he has chosen to restore his Cadillac Eldorado with ColorBond LVP in #105 Cuddy White. Nathan says, “I’m a novice and appreciate being able to use an easy product that can change the color of the seats from blue to white. Here are some pictures of the headrests I redid in cuddy white and now the back seat is in progress.”

We’ll bring you more coverage on Nathan’s Eldorado as it comes available. In the meantime, here is another example of how to restore a Cadillac Eldorado with ColorBond LVP:

Cadillac Interior Restoration Made Easy with ColorBond