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Infiniti Upholstery Paint Saves Owner Thousands of Dollars!

February 18, 2021


Ken Shultz had an unfortunate incident with a doggie stroller left on the leather back seat of his 2015 Infiniti Q40. It was a hot day and materials in the tires leached into the leather, leaving a permanent stain. An upholstery shop advised him replacing the seat cover with a new unit would most likely result in a slight color mismatch with the other interior leather. Ken wanted the repair to be unnoticeable and certainly didn’t want to pay for replacing all the leather. What to do? That’s when he, his wife and son discovered ColorBond Infiniti upholstery paint. After researching online, they decided painting over the stain with ColorBond LVP Refinisher in the OEM correct color was the way to go.

Before – Permanent stains from doggie stroller tires

Ken ordered a can of ColorBond in the OEM correct Infiniti color and left the painting up to his adult son. After thoroughly cleaning the leather, he sprayed four coats of the Infiniti upholstery paint onto the area of the stain. It blended flawlessly and looks and feels like the original leather. Ken saved quite a bit of money too. If he replaced the rear seat cover it would have easily cost $2,000, and most likely wouldn’t have provided the seamless color match throughout the interior that Ken’s son achieved. The can of ColorBond LVP Refinisher Infiniti upholstery paint cost only $16.49, plus twenty minutes time to clean the leather and apply the paint. Great job Schultz family!

After – Repair looks and feels like the original leather

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