Marcus Wilson's 2012 Honda Accord Sedan Build – Colorbond Paint

Marcus Wilson’s 2012 Honda Accord Sedan Build

January 10, 2017

Our friend Marcus Wilson from Cali Coalition Car Club recently shared his experience with ColorBond on his 2012 Honda Accord. 

His 8th Generation build was sponsored by JDM Sport and was featured at SEMA’s 50th Anniversary.

Mr. Wilson explains how he saved time and money by using ColorBond to change the interior from grey to black:

“I actually sprayed the interior door caps and trim to black because the replacement parts would’ve ran me about 400 or so. Also, to have a shop do the work, it would’ve been around 500 for prep, removal and install. With ColorBond, I shaved off a lot of time at the shop and saved hundreds on the job by doing it in the garage properly and following the steps as instructed on how to make it look OEM. A lot of people were shocked. The interior trim was originally grey like the seats. I ran out of time so the seats were not completed. Thinking of doing them as well but will need to get more cans to complete those.”






Bonus Engine Shots