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Restoring a Bronco Interior with ColorBond Paint

April 14, 2022


Restoring Bronco’s is hot right now. The prices of the vehicles are going through the roof, especially the first generation 1966-1977 models. Which makes restoring a Bronco from the third generation an attractive option since they don’t command the higher prices of early Bronco’s.

Restoring third generation Bronco’s has its challenges as compared to restoring those from the early years, which have a stronger reproduction parts network. What compounds restoring a Bronco from the third generation is they have far more vinyl and molded plastic interior pieces than the older classic Bronco’s.

After all these years the components often have faded to colors that have little resemblance to the original. Replacement can be expensive and in some cases parts are very hard to find or may be unobtainable. This makes ColorBond LVP Refinisher perfect for restoring a Bronco as the original plastic and vinyl can be painted to look like new. ColorBond offers many OEM correct colors which makes it easy to find the best color to use on classic vehicle interiors.

Classic Car Interior Restoration

Before and After Using ColorBond

ColorBond customer Dan S. used ColorBond LVP Refinisher to restore his 1986 Eddie Bauer Bronco. The original interior color was Ford “Chestnut” which was used on the Eddie Bauer models back in the day. As that exact color wasn’t on the ColorBond color palette Dan went about finding a close match. He said “I think I went through 9 cans just to find the right color and then a follow up order of about 10 cans once I had a color I was happy with. I ended up using #1918 Porsche Luxior Beige and am VERY pleased with the results!!!”.

Dan said the only new interior trim replacement parts available for restoring a Bronco from the third generation are a hard plastic dash cover and the door panels. Those three panels cost about $500 and still needed to be painted to match the rest of the interior.

Dan said “For the rest of the interior vinyl and hard plastic, there are no new replacement parts available. If yours are badly scratched, had holes drilled in them, cracked or the surface destroyed by UV, then you have to find them from a donor vehicle. So, it’s off to the junkyards or look on Ebay.”

Used panels from a junkyard are made to look new with ColorBond

To give an idea of the cost of replacement panels that Dan bought, consider the prices of these parts, which weren’t new. Dan said the rest of his plastic and vinyl trim was in good condition.

  • $375 for the rear window trim
  • $425 for the big vinyl trim pieces under the rear windows
  • $125 for the upright windshield column pieces

Dan spent about $135.00 on the LVP Refinisher needed. Dan concludes “I used about 7 cans of your ColorBond paint and was VERY impressed with the results. Especially the ease of use and more so the durability of your product.”

Congratulations to Dan on the restoration of his Eddie Bauer Bronco. It turned out great and looks fantastic!

If you are restoring a Bronco from any generation, check out ColorBond LVP Refinisher.

Dan tested a lot of colors…

ColorBond makes it easy to restore classic interiors when replacement parts are hard to find. Here’s another example: 280ZX Interior Restoration Using ColorBond – ColorBond Paint.