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Restyling a Show Car With Pro Tech Trim Color Paint

July 25, 2019


ColorBond’s Pro Tech Line was created to restore and customize automotive components like trim, wheels and engine compartments, and are great for the DIY or Professional. ColorBond Pro Tech Trim Color auto trim paint is great for wheel flairs, mirrors, window trim, door trim, and bumpers. Primarily metallic paints, they have been created to match OEM finishes on a wide range of exterior components and can also be used on interior hard plastic metallic finished trim.

Steven Sampaga is currently using Pro Tech Trim Color as well as ColorBond LVP Refinisher to restyle the interior of his Nissan for the 2019 SEMA Show. Steven is hoping his use of ColorBond car interior paints will win him the 2019 ColorBond CLeo Award. Presented by ColorBond, the CLeo Award recognizes individuals who have shown excellence utilizing ColorBond LVP Refinisher car interior paint to restore, or restyle, the interior of any type of automobile. See more about Steven’s project and the CLeo award here.

Steven recently told us about repainting his speaker surrounds with Pro Tech Trim Color. Explaining it was a simple process to obtain great results. “Protech is hands down the best trim paint product I have ever used. The quality is top notch and it really brought back the shine to our interior!” Steven enthuses.  

ColorBond Pro Tech Trim Color auto trim paint provides a beautiful, durable and long-lasting finish, and is perfect for cars, boats, motorcycles and other power sports vehicles. Pro Tech provides a correct, easy and economical method for painting interior and exterior plastic trim. Users can enjoy easily refurbishing and restyling vehicle trim with excellent results.

Check back to the ColorBond blog for updates on Steven’s project progress!

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Stevens 350Z before restyling for the 2019 SEMA Show

Components before painting with ColorBond Pro Tech Trim Color

Components after painting