SEMA 2016 Recap With Pictures: Reggie Jackson

SEMA 2016 Recap With Pictures: Reggie Jackson, Carlos Wins CLEO, and Leo Turns 100

November 15, 2016
We couldn’t wait for the 2016 SEMA show. In addition to presenting the 3rd annual CLeo award winner, Carlos Medrano, with his trophy and check for an amazing work on his Honda Civic, the SEMA show brings together hundreds of car enthusiasts to check out the latest products. We were honored to have some great conversations with professionals and DIYers about their restoration projects.
We also celebrated Leo Kagen’s 100 year birthday! Leo Kagen is a SEMA member and was responsible for moving the SEMA show to Vegas in 1977. He continues to work for ColorBond and the CLeo award was made in his honor.
We also enjoyed a couple visitors. AZN from Street Outlaws came by to view Mr. Medrano’s award winning work. And also “Mr. October” Reggie Jackson stopped by. He took time out to learn about ColorBond and also to chat with Leo Kagen about baseball.
Below is a collection of photos from the SEMA show. You can view more on our facebook page.

Carlos Medrano wins 2016 CLeo Award


Leo Kagen celebrates 100 years!


Mr. October Reggie Jackson Stops by the ColorBond Booth 

Reggie Jackson meets Leo
Reggie Jackson Talks Baseball with Leo
Reggie Jackson talks ColorBond with Sarah
Sarah Johnson, who’s also a great licensed acupuncturist in South Austin, shows Reggie Jackson how ColorBond works.

AZN from Street Outlaws Stopped by

AZN of Street Outlaws Visit


AZN Visit 2

Stephanie Blanco Shows Off Her ColorBond Success

Stephanie Blanco Interior
Stephanie Blanco Exterior