Car Exterior Paint

Keep your vehicle fresh and looking good with ColorBond car paints. We have touch up car paint products for inside and outside your vehicle. Our under hood products are durable and easy to use, while our car exterior paint will help you find your desired look. Give your vehicle a refresher with car paints from ColorBond. Check out the results: Customer Testimonials here.

Easy Exterior Car Painting & Touch Up Refinishing

If you care about your vehicle, you’ll want to use ColorBond car paints to maintain a well groomed appearance. Your vehicle says a lot about you and maintaining your car’s finish with our touch up auto paint products is easy. Keep your engine and surrounding area looking clean and professional with ColorBond engine enamel or detail your exterior with our car exterior paint with products like Tail Light Color or Tire Black. Make a statement with ColorBond's line of exterior car paints!