About ColorBond

ColorBond TM is a revolutionary molecular bonding paint that penetrates deep into plastic, vinyl and leather. Ideal for use in a wide range of uses, ColorBond paint products give car and boat enthusiasts a cost effective way to restore their vehicles to an original finish. If you want to restore or change the color of leather, carpet, plastics or metal in automobiles, trucks, cars, boats, or motorcycles, ColorBond is the easiest way by far. To date we offer 188 OEM Colors.

About ColorBond Paint Products

Most people doubt that a high quality, durable finish can be achieved using an affordable product, but seeing is believing! In this video, Malcolm Johnson demonstrates not only the results of using ColorBond's Leather, Vinyl & Hard Plastic Refinisher, but also its ease of use:

OEM Certified

Obtaining OEM certification requires  years of testing to verify that a product meets a manufacturers’ quality standards. At ColorBond, we’re proud that our dedication to quality has be recognized by manufactures in the automotive, marine and aviation industries. When you’re looking for a sign of quality, the following manufacturers have verified that our products meet their exacting standards:




Bryndana International, LTD

ColorBond automotive paint products are manufactured and distributed by Bryndana International, LTD. Founded by Malcolm Johnson in 1996, Bryndana has been committed to offering American-made products since its inception and continue to develop new and technologically advanced coatings to meet the needs of today’s enthusiast.

If you’d like to contact Bryndana International, Ltd or Malcolm Johnson, we invite you to visit our contact us page.

Committed to Vehicle Enthusiasts and Retailers

Whether you’re a car enthusiast, professional or retailer, Bryndana International, Ltd and ColorBond are committed to you. We created a series of paint products designed to be easy to use, provide an excellent finish and are affordable. When it’s time to repair, renovate or upgrade your vehicle’s interior or exterior, you’ll find ColorBond products are an excellent choice.

Manufacturer of Private Label Paint Products

Bryndana International, Ltd not only manufactures ColorBond branded paint products, but we also create paint products for retailers of all types. We operate two ISO 9001 manufacturing facilities that gives even the smallest customer the ability to create an OEM private label paint line. No matter your size, contact us to learn more about how we can create a set of special paints or coatings for you.