ColorBond Features


Features & Benefits:



  • COLORBOND penetrates the surface of leather, vinyl, ABS, PVC, polycarbonate, polyurethane, lexan, thermal plastic urethane, metal, and (TPO) polypropylene, and forms a molecular bond that restores or changes the color permanently.
  • COLORBOND is dry to the touch in 45 seconds and bonds within 10 minutes. The vehicle can be used within minutes of application.
  • COLORBOND will not crack, flake, or peel.
  • The grain simulation is never altered or hidden, no matter how many times COLORBOND is applied.
  • The suppleness or "hand" is never affected and does not become stiff or brittle.
  • A base and tinting system is available so an OEM color match is achieved each and every time.
  • COLORBOND is easy to use. In many cases COLORBOND is a one step process.
  • COLORBOND is UV stable.
  • COLORBOND can be used on dash panels, seats, instrument panels, steering wheels, airbag covers, convertible tops, mirrors, and exterior trim. Virtually any where on a car or boat.
  • COLORBOND is OEM approved and used by The Ford Motor Company.

  •   Application Tips:
           You can apply COLORBOND to most materials in 2 to 4 easy steps. See the chart below for instructions for most materials.
           (Each can of COLORBOND Leather & Vinyl Plastic Refinisher covers approximately 4 square feet)