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Automotive Applications

Dashboard Restoration

My 2001 F-150 dash paint was flaking off. The Colorbond refinisher matched perfectly and now my interior looks good as new!

Rhonda E., Belton, TX

Interior Door Panel Renovation

I don't know what is in this stuff, but it has to be one of the greatest inventions ever. I luv this stuff; I previously restored a 1989 Porsche 928 and I'm now rejuvenating my 1970 Barracuda...

My workers didn't believe my photos and excitement, so I brought and painted a piece of rubber door molding here at work in front of them and the guys still can't figure out how this stuff works. They freaked as I showed them how quickly you can touch and bend the rubber molding without flaking or rubbing off...made the 42 year old door molding look brand new. The leather & vinyl parts I painted about a year ago on my Porsche still look brand new.

Z. Gulyas

1997 Camero SS

The first time I used your product was on a 1997 Camero SS with a white leather interior. The interior had been exposed to the weather for an extended period of time, and no matter how hard I cleaned it, it simply wouldn't come clean (mold and discoloration were deep in the leather). I found ColorBond at a local auto supply store in white and decided to give it a try. After prepping the seats and removing them from the car, I followed the directions and applied a few coats of ColorBond. The result was nothing short of amazing! In fact, when I put the vehicle up for sale the next week, I had multiple offers from others to buy my seats - if only they had known what they looked like initially. I've used multiple competitor products over the years (SEM, Duplicolor), and they don't come close (nor will they work on leather).

Joshua Meeks - Carolina Corvettes - Greenville, SC

Vinyl is Final - Hot Rod Magazine by Steve Magante

ColorBond dries to the touch in 45 seconds and is fully cured within 10 minutes. Sure enough we could paw the coating without disturbing it almost immediately after application. The best results are obtained by using steady, overlapping strokes ... Even after several coats, the original grain pattern of the seatback is still clearly visible. The cushion, which had been previously recovered with non-OE smooth vinyl, took the coating without runs or sags. ...We pushed, pinched, and scratched at the coating but couldn't do it harm.

The soft interior Leather upholstery was restored to its original color using Leather Vinyl and Hard Plastic Refinisher Ford # 346 Cashmere.

One three ounce bottle of cleaner, and fiver aerosols restored the leather, carpet, hard plastic trim and steering wheel. One aerosol of # 215 clear adhesive promoter was necessary for use on the hard TPO plastic trim prior to application of ColorBond.

I have applied the product myself to my Jaguar XK-8 and am very pleased with the results. I did the application in April and the wheel and seat continue to look just as good as when I finished the application. The feel of the wheel and the seat is excellent and quote like the original look and feel of the leather when new.

Michael R. Cobb

Total cost $ 95.85

Surprised "In a Good Way"

I don't often write regarding products that totally take me by suprise in a 'good' way. i had to take just a moment to tell you how wonderful your product has been for me. I own an older 2006 Ford F-150. When I bought it, it had racked up 200k miles but the body looked great. One eyesore I yearned to fix asap was the inner door panels, kick panels, seat belts and parts of the seat itself.

I had the truck detailed and although they steam-cleaned the seatbelts, the grime just didn't come out. I saw your ad in LMC Truck magazine and hesitated to order...partly because of the price per can, partly because I didn't believe the marketing and partly because I just didn't believe you could match the Medium Flint 42-0781 (as LMC Truck labels it) interior.

I searched the internet trying to find a substitute and all references pointed back to your product, yet; I had never known anyone who had tried it.

I decided to try and pull the door panels and paint them awith regular enamel. Although the plastic looked ok, as you can imagine, the arm rests would never dry. I asked several people from several local paint stores for help and all of the said I just needed to get another panel, that there 'was' no paint you could paint those arm rests with that would fully dry.

Well, it was only when they threw down the 'gauntlet' with their matter-of-fact attitudes that I ordered a can through LMC Truck and I couldn't be more happy with the results.

The price was well worth it cause the can has lasted me three times longer than a regular can of enamel would. The arm rests have been painted multiple times are 'not' sticky. I have painted the seat belts and they look beautiful and I have repaired and sprayed parts of the seats I never would have dreamed would look as god as they do now! I've even painted the hand grabs near the windshield and they match perfectly. Once you match the color, and begin to spray: the product literally disappears into the original material color. It just matches so well, I can't believe it.

I only wish I had ordered 2 cans cause I really love this stuff. If you need a testimonial, send em my way. I wish I'd had someone like 'me' to talk to since I hesitated so long to purchase.

Just wait til someone down at the paint store tries to tell someone within my hearing that there 'is' no such product again!

Dean G., Pilot Mountain, NC

Tech Tips - Street Rodder Magazine

... The product is a molecular bodning component that (as its description and name imply) actually penetrates and becomes one with the molecules of material it's applied on. This means that when properly applied, Colorbond won't crack, peel, or rub off, as the color becomes part of the surface!

Too good to be true, you say? Well that's what we thought - that is, until we tried it ourselves! We tested it out on a scrap piece of leather (following the prep and application instructions), and then did our best to get it to crack, chip, or peel. Well, despite our best efforts ( including a tug-o-war with the dog) we failed and Colorbond prevailed.

Marine Applications

These are before and after pictures of our boat seats that had mildewed. I tried everything I could find but couldn't get the mildew off. I saw ColorBond in Overton's magazine. I did some research on your website and decided to give it a try. I ordered 12 cans (8 white and 4 dark blue) to redo the seats on our 2002 pontoon. It did an amazing job. The seats look like new again. I showed the pictures to several people that suggested that it wouldn’t work and they were very surprised at the job ColorBond did.

George C., Athens, GA

Here are some pictures of my 1964 Chris Craft Project. This boat sat outside uncovered for 5 years before I purchased it. I scrubbed all of the interior pieces and painted them with white Color Bond paint. All of the red beading was hand painted. It would have cost me around $2,500.00 if I had it redone by a marine upholstery shop. I have about $150.00 in this project.


Pontoon Boat Restoration

This is a 24 foot pontoon boat and the customer spent $185 to completely restore the interior. The restoration was achieved using five aerosols, 3 cans of Bombastic Blue , two cans of BMW Mercedes and one gallon of Sea Ray Cutty White. The customer applied the gallon with a LVHP spray gun.

The cost of replacement of the interior was quoted at $2,895.

Product Report - Powerboat Reports Magazine

... The results were excellent ... Short of Sandpapering off the surface we haven't found anything that makes the treated surface behave differently than a new piece of vinyl.

Aviation Applications

Refinish Your Interior the Easy Way - Custom Planes Magazine

I picked up two sections of FAA-approved vinyl fabric ... I'm not a chemist or a professional upholstery person, but I do know when a product is easy to use ... I pulled, scrunched, jumped on, beat them on the ground, tied them in knots and gave them enough punishment to replicate many years of being in use in an aircraft - even in the luggage compartment. Both pieces of aircraft-approved vinyl still looked brand new (not a scratch, not a chip)... One of my pilot friends, after he saw the successful tests I'd made with the product, said he'd be doing over the interior of his classic taildragger in the same color. ColorBond really works!

Furniture Applications

Restore Leather Furniture

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; in this case maybe two. Chris H. had a $1,800 leather couch that was in serious need of repair. Using a selection of ColorBond products, he was able to completely restore the leather couch for $ 158. Check out the results:

WOW. Look at the transformation from an all black burgundy scheme in this 2000 BMW 540i.

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