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Pro Tech Translucent Black Tail Light Color


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  • Product Description

      ColorBond Pro Tech Translucent Black Tail Light Color makes custom tail lights easy to create. Our transparent tail light tint spray paint is used for creating a sleek style on your vehicle's tail lights. ColorBond Tail Light Color is easily applied to tail lights, fog lights, side markers, or turn indicators to create a black, "smoked", appearance when they are lit. Perfect for creating a set of smoked tail lights and giving your vehicle a clean aggressive look.

      How to Use Pro Tech Translucent Black Tail Light Color

      Crafting a custom look with ColorBond Tail Light Tint is easy. Follow these general steps to produce a set of smoked tail lights to give your vehicle the look you want:
      • Remove Lens
      • Clean the Lights Thoroughly (ColorBond Prep Cleaner is Recommended)
      • Lightly Buff With 1200 Grit Wet Dry Sandpaper
      • Apply 1-3 light Mist Coats of Tail Light Tint (Paint to your desired shade of tint)
      • Allow 5 Minutes of Drying Time Between Coats
      • Best Application Temperature: 65 – 75 f°
      • We recommend wet sanding with 2000 or 3000 grit and polishing once the final coat has had time to fully cure. (At least 24 hours)

      Product Details

      • ColorBond  Pro Tech Translucent Tail Light Color
      • 12 oz. Aerosol Can
      • Coverage: 6 ft²
  • Product Details