4 Winter Projects for Your Classic Vehicle Interior – Colorbond Paint

4 Winter Projects for Your Classic Vehicle Interior

January 5, 2023


Winter is here and you may find yourself hunkered down away from the cold and looking at home projects. Wintertime is a great time for doing indoor projects, especially those that involve getting your classic car ready for warm weather cruising. Here are 4 winter project ideas for your classic vehicle that use ColorBond LVP to make your interior look great.

Freshen Up Your Classic Car or Truck’s Interior

Leather and vinyl upholstery as well as plastic trim in your classic can become stained and faded over time. Replacing those parts can be expensive or nearly impossible if they are hard to find. If you’re having this problem and have tried cleaning them up and you’re still not happy, ColorBond LVP just might make your day. ColorBond LVP is a paint for leather, vinyl, and plastic (hence the name LVP) that durable and looks great. As a bonus, ColorBond LVP is easy to use with these 4 winter projects for your classic vehicle interior.

It’s important to remember to provide lots of ventilation when using ColorBond LVP. Especially if you are doing winter projects on your classic in a closed space, like your garage. Wearing an N95 respirator mask can also help to ensure a safe painting experience.

1. Seats

Team Witt Customs changed the upholstery color of this 1977 Cadillac Eldorado from brown to red with ColorBond LVP in GM Crimson #64, which matches the color originally used in the ’77 Eldo. Team Witt says that before painting the seats they had positive previous experience using ColorBond LVP, which made it a quick decision to use ColorBond again. Team Witt said ColorBond LVP was easy and simple to use. “It dried in 60 seconds, and it looked great! We were thrilled with the results! It looked incredible.

2. Door Panels

Door panels are a prime target for discoloration and wear. Check out the vinyl door panels on this 1971 Pontiac LeMans Sport which Al Hale refinished with ColorBond LVP. Al says it’s important to properly prepare the vinyl before painting for the best paint adhesion and finish quality.  Al said he began by cleaning the door panel of dirt, previous vinyl dressings, skin oil, etc., using alcohol, and Rapid Prep. Then he did a final cleaning with ColorBond Prep Cleaner to be sure any residue was removed which could interfere with the paint adhesion.

3. Plastic Trim

Talk about hard-to-find parts, try sourcing New Old Stock plastic trim (or even used trim in good condition) for a 1994 Suzuki Sidekick. Andre LaPlante found the best alternative was to recondition the plastic interior trim he had. Andre said he had previous experience with other automotive interior trim paints but found none laid out, bonded to the surface, and provided coverage better than ColorBond LVP.

4. Carpet

Another area for stains and high wear is the carpet. Chris Parmar is especially fond of his Saturn SL2 and keeps it in beautiful condition. However, the carpet needed replacement. He was able to find a used replacement carpet, however, it was gray, not the black color he needed. Chris had previous experience using paint to recolor a carpet and it turned out horribly, so he was looking for a better solution. Then he learned about ColorBond LVP and decided to give it a try. Chris said the paint dried fast, and the carpet looks like brand new.

These 4 winter projects for your classic vehicle interior can make your car look great and ready for warm weather cruising. So, take advantage of winter downtime and refresh your classic.