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How to Change the Color of a Corvette Interior for Little Money

December 28, 2022


The Chevrolet Corvette is an American icon. Even with the car turning 70 years old it continues to evolve, and its popularity continues to grow. But one thing that never changes is why people buy the Corvette; for the performance and to stand out from the crowd. Many choose to really stand out by customizing their Corvette to look different than other Corvettes. Changing up the interior is a big part of this. Though major revisions, like changing the interior color, aren’t commonly done as installing new upholstery and trim can be expensive. However, with ColorBond LVP leather, vinyl, and plastic paint it’s possible to change the color of a Corvette interior for little money. Check out these projects performed by ColorBond customers.

C5 Corvette Interior Color Change for Only $238.00

Ed Iverson used ColorBond LVP in OEM certified BMW Luez Cinnamon Brown to change the interior color of his C5 Corvette. While he was at it he also changed the color of the carpet with ColorBond Carpet Refinisher in Classic Black. The Cinnamon color goes great with the green exterior and really sets the car apart. “ColorBond transformed my tired, dated interior into a custom modern cockpit!” Ed enthuses. “I originally intended to paint just the seats, but after seeing them finished, it became evident that the carpeting needed an update as well. In fact, my wife insisted on it, after seeing how nice the seats turned out!”

Ed said he used four cans of ColorBond LVP, five cans of Carpet Refinisher, a bottle of ColorBond Prep Cleaner and a can of ColorBond Adhesion Promoter. That’s only $238.00 for a complete interior color change. Ed told us new leather seats would have cost $1400.00-$1800.00 and the wait time for delivery would be 10-12 weeks. Replacement carpet would have cost $400.00 to $650.00, depending on the quality of the carpet. Ed spent a fraction of that on ColorBond and the job only took a weekend of time. Ed detailed his project on Corvette Forums here.

C6 Corvette Interior Color Matched with Seat Stylin’

Babe Adams wanted to match the interior of his C6 Corvette to the car’s Velocity Yellow paint. He found a leather aftermarket interior that was available in two-tones but yellow wasn’t one of the colors offered. So, Babe decided to get the interior in black and paint the inserts with ColorBond Seat Stylin’ in Chrome Yellow. Of note, Seat Stylin’ uses the same formulation as ColorBond LVP. It’s packaged differently to promote the vivid color pallet offered.

“I was adamant about finding the leather in Velocity Yellow and looked all over the world, but just couldn’t locate it.” Says Babe. “Then I found ColorBond Seat Stylin’ which I could use to change the color of the Corvette’s interior. I got Seat Stylin’ in Chrome Yellow to paint the inserts and found it was perfect match to the Corvette’s Velocity Yellow paint. It was easy to use, and the product worked just as shown in ColorBond’s demonstration videos on YouTube. Overall, it took about an hour to remove the seats and an hour to paint the inserts. I use the car as a daily driver and so far, I have seen no indications of wear.”

Ed and Babe did a great job customizing their cars. With ColorBond and some creativity, it’s easy to change the color of a Corvette interior for little money.