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Carpet Paint by ColorBond


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ColorBond Carpet Refinisher is carpet paint for cars that can bring soiled and worn carpet back from the grave. Restoring a any car's interior starts from the ground up, and ColorBond's Carpet Refinisher is a cost effective way to get a custom auto carpet that looks great for a lot less. Available in an easy-to-use aerosol, our Carpet Refinisher delivers professional results in no time. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a new carpet kit, when carpet paint can be used to make your existing carpet look new?
Available in 5 popular OEM Colors including: # 271 Black, # 272 Taupe, # 273 Grey, # 274 Dark Gray, # 275 Crimson.

Easy to Use Carpet Paint for Cars

Renovating your vehicle's carpets is easy with ColorBond Carpet Refinisher. Follow these simple steps to achieve a cost-effective custom auto carpet that will bring your car's interior back to life:
  • For Best Results, Remove the Carpet From the Vehicle
  • Thoroughly Clean & Dry the Carpet
  • Apply Multiple Light Mist Coats of Carpet Paint & Allow to Dry Between Each Coat
  • Run a Soft Bristle Brush Through Carpet to Expose More Pile
  • Continue Until Desired Finish is Achieved
  • Completely Dry 30 Minutes After Last Application
  • Change from Black to Red Not Recommended

Product Details

  • ColorBond¬† Carpet Refinisher
  • 12 oz. Aerosol Can
  • Coverage: Varies Based on Application