Adhesion Promoter Clear Aerosol (215)

Paint Preparation Cleaner by ColorBond


Picture of Adhesion Promoter Clear Aerosol (215)
ColorBond Adhesion Promoter prevents flaking, cracking and peeling when painting a vehicle’s interior. Everyone understands that paint preparation is the key to a great paint job and ColorBond Adhesion Promoter takes interior surface prep to a whole new level. Created to improve the bond between paint and today’s auto plastics like PPO & TPO, our Adhesion Promoter is easy to use. No matter if you’re renovating an interior or making a simple repair, auto paint preparation with ColorBond Adhesion Promoter will deliver the results you want.

Interior Paint Preparation with ColorBond

Painting your vehicle’s interior components can seem like a complicated task, but getting great results using ColorBond’s Adhesion Promoter is simple when following these steps:
  • Clean the Surface
  • Dry the Component Completely
  • Shake the Can for 60 Seconds Before Application
  • Apply ColorBond Adhesion Promoter
  • Apply Heat (Recommend 10 Minutes at 140 - 250° F)

Product Details

  • ColorBond  Paint Adhesion Promoter
  • 12 oz. Aerosol Can
  • Coverage: 8 ft²