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Auto Interior Paint Adds Value

October 7, 2021


An automobile can be a valuable asset, and restoring or restyling the interior, if done correctly, can increase its value. There are many considerations when restoring or restyling. Like whether the job should be done by a professional or done by the owner. Owner performed work can eliminate a significant amount of professional labor expense. However, if the owner decides to take on the job, they need to be confident in their vision for how the result should appear and be confident in their ability to properly execute the project. Parts and materials that are used for the job must be carefully chosen as well. Whether the done by a professional or as a do-it-yourself project. Low-quality parts and materials will ultimately yield a low-quality result that can detract from the vehicles value. This can be in terms of appearance and/or durability over time.

Auto interior paint is a prime example. Primary qualities to look for with auto interior paint used on leather vinyl and plastic are appearance and durability.


The paint needs to look great. The finish must look high quality and natural, not cheap. Some brands of auto interior paint have a heavy film thickness that obscures the surface texture of the parts. Making it apparent they were painted. This is especially apparent on leather grain, and vinyl and plastic that imitate a leather grain. Attractive color choices are important too.

The formulation of ColorBond LVP Refinisher is heavy in pigmentation, making it able to provide excellent coverage while being applied in thin coats that won’t hide surface textures. So, the appearance looks natural.  

Andrea A. says: I learned about ColorBond from a mobile automotive interior specialist. I had never heard of auto interior paint for leather and was skeptical that it would work. But he had experience using ColorBond and explained it would give the leather a like new appearance that would be hard to tell isn’t the actual leather surface. He was right. At the SEMA Show the interior got lots of compliments and people were wondering if I had installed a custom leather interior. They couldn’t tell the difference!” 


Auto interior paint is available in solvent-based and waterborne formulations. Many solvent-based products are touted to be flexible for use on leather, yet are stiff, which often causes cracking and peeling. Waterborne products were created to be softer and more flexible than solvent-based coatings but require skill in application and can have issues drying evenly and so need to be force dried with a heat gun, which can be time consuming.

ColorBond LVP Refinisher is a urethane-solvent based formulation, and its thin film thickness allows it to be flexible without cracking and peeling. As well, this molecular bonding paint penetrates deep into plastic, vinyl and leather for long term durability.

Bob T. changed the interior color of Jag XKE from black to tan using LVP Refinisher. He says, “It has been over three years ago since I redid the interior, and it shows no signs of wear!”

Restoring or restyling the interior of a car or truck, if done correctly, can increase its value. Using ColorBond auto interior paint produces a quality result that builds value.

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