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Engine Bay Detailing with ColorBond

October 14, 2021


Engine bay detailing is important if you have a show car, or you are enthusiast that wants your street car to look great all around and ColorBond gives you awesome choices for personalization. Detailing the engine and engine compartment really started taking off in the early rod and custom days. Chrome and polished aluminum were king and showed off the equipment you had under the hood. Even the auto manufacturers got in on it, painting their engines in vivid colors and adding things like chrome valve covers and air cleaners.

Over time as automobiles became more sophisticated with electronics, fuel injection, etc., engines became buried under hoses, wires, and plastic covers. For the most part engine compartments became plain looking and boring. No bright colors, no chrome, no pizzaz. Thank goodness for the automotive aftermarket that produces dress up parts to make an engine and engine compartment visually appealing. Paint can also be used for engine bay detailing with dramatic results.

Red paint helped make this engine stand out in a dark engine compartment

ColorBond offers paint products for engine bay detailing. These include Pro Tech Engine Enamel which is rated to 500°F for painting engine blocks and other components experience high heat (not for exhaust systems though) as well as Underhood Semi Gloss Black for other components.

Pro Tech Engine Enamel spray paint is a glossy metallic alkyd primer that is formulated for maximum adhesion and protects the engine from small chips, chemicals, and high heat. Pro Tech provides a gorgeous “fresh from the factory” look and has received OEM certification from numerous manufacturers.  The paint is available in 14 colors including OEM colors that match classic engine paint colors. Pro Tech Engine Enamel offers durable and long-lasting quality.

Pro Tech Underhood Semi Gloss Black spray paint works well for engine bay detailing and has a 10-20 percent semi-gloss finish that’s neither too glossy nor too matte. The paint is formulated to resist chipping, scratches, and light impacts. It provides the sharp look everyone wants.

ColorBond customer Anthony D. even found use for our LVP Refinisher for engine bay detailing. He sprayed cold air intake of his BMW with LVP Refinisher that matches the OEM color of his red interior. He said: “The paint I used in the engine bay is the LVP. Used it on a few things to test and it was fine. Just made sure to use good clear. Love the color match paint to my coral red interior. Paint holds up great to the heat under the hood.” Anthony used the same paint to restyle other areas of his car including the grille, window trim, and badges. We covered that in a post you can see here.