Auto Interior Paint Transforms a Porsche Boxster – Colorbond Paint

Auto Interior Paint Transforms a Porsche Boxster

April 18, 2019


Michael Murphy is a professional user of ColorBond LVP Refinisher auto interior paint. As owner of Carisma Auto Specialty, a company located in West Chester, Pennsylvania that specializes in paintless dent removal, as well as interior and windshield repair. Michael does great work and we are always pleased to see the great results he achieves with ColorBond.

Michael started using ColorBond 10 years ago after he came across the company at a mobile tech convention. “Malcolm Johnson was demonstrating the product by painting a leather jacket and then having people try to scratch it.” says Michael. “I was very impressed! I couldn’t feel where the paint was. ColorBond LVP Refinisher auto interior paint has excellent coverage and opacity. It doesn’t have to be put on in thick coats. So, the texture of the surface being painted is retained. The results look like the original factory finish.”

With use of ColorBond Michael says he has the confidence to take on jobs that he wouldn’t do with other auto interior paint brands. Such as major color changes where ColorBond coverage eliminates the need to for thick coats. Also, he uses ColorBond on hard plastics as it sticks so well – he says LVP Refinisher bonds better than other brands.

For preparation Michael says he makes sure the surface is very clean and lightly sanded to provide the best surface for the auto interior paint to bond to. When painting he applies a light tack coat, and then sprays a finishing coat.

Check out Michael’s recent project, the refurbishment of his own car, a 2001 Porsche Boxster that he bought as a fixer-upper. For this job he used LVP Refinisher in both aerosol and concentrate form. Believe it or not, the Porsche had been in a minor accident and then used on a Florida estate to cart gardening items around. They actually carried hay bales in the trunk! The windshield had been broken out and the interior ruined as the car was parked outdoors and exposed to the elements. Michael found a replacement interior at a salvage yard and painted it red. All the plastic trim was refinished with ColorBond. The car turned out incredibly well!

A special thanks to Michael Murphy for spending time discussing his use of ColorBond and sharing his Porsche project.

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Porsche Interior – Before Replacement and Repainting

Porsche – Before

Interior Painting in Progress

Porsche – After

Porsche Interior – After