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Automotive Interior Reconditioning Professional Talks About ColorBond Concentrate

April 5, 2019

Jacob Ramirez is founder of JM Reconditioning, an automotive interior reconditioning business in the San Diego California area that focuses primarily on servicing car dealerships. Recently, we spoke with Jacob about his business and why he prefers to use ColorBond LVP Refinisher in Concentrate form.

Jacob started in the automotive Interior reconditioning field in 1993 while working with a franchise that specialized in a new procedure for repairing cigarette burns in velour seats and headliners. During that time, Jacob researched potential new services, and their associated products, which could be added to the company’s service offerings. Those that best fit with the company’s business strategy were incorporated and Jacob soon found himself training associates how to perform the services. In 1999 Jacob decided to leave and form JM Reconditioning, which has since grown to X employees and X trucks.

When Jacob started his company, he was using the best interior upholstery and trim recoloring products he could find. There were solvent based products touted to be flexible so to work on leather, vinyl and plastic. Unfortunately, they were stiff, which often caused cracking and peeling. There were waterbourne products created to be softer and more flexible than the solvent based coatings. However, he found waterbourne colorants didn’t dry evenly and had to be force dried with a heat gun, which was time consuming. Jacob was looking for a better solution when he came across ColorBond at a trade show. He was skeptical at first, but after speaking with ColorBond President Malcolm Johnson and testing the product himself, he was convinced.

Jacob says ColorBond has the finish characteristics of waterborne, and the advantage of the quick dry time and uniformity of being solvent based; The best of both worlds with the disadvantages removed. He also explains ColorBond has a higher concentration of colorant in the carrying medium. Which means it has excellent coverage and can be applied in thinner coats than other products. So, it doesn’t have issues with cracking and peeling.

While Jacob uses ColorBond LVP Refinisher in aerosol form, he says he primarily uses bulk concentrates as they are more cost effective and by using a spray-gun he can tune the spray pattern to obtain the best finish. As well, he avoids the issue of running out of a particular color in aerosol form. With bulk concentrates he can mix any color he needs on location. Jacob says he will spend one day a month making batches of high use colors, so they are always ready to go.

When asked how ColorBond affected his business, Jacob explains his sales increased 40% due to time efficiencies. He can “spray and go”. He doesn’t have to come back an hour later to make sure the paint dried correctly. The results are excellent, so he avoids having to redo work. The amount of time per job is reduced dramatically, therefore he can increase the number of jobs he can do in a day.

Jacob highly recommends ColorBond LVP Refinisher for professional use. “There is nothing on the market as good as ColorBond” he says. “If they are having a problem obtaining quality and long-lasting results, they should try ColorBond”.

We would like to thank Jacob for taking time share his experiences.

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