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Gary Umphrey Makes ColorBond a Part of his Business

March 20, 2019

Gary Umphrey is a mobile technician with his company Umphrey Car Customs. Specializing in the repair and refurbishment of auto interiors and exteriors, Gary does work for auto dealers as well as private parties in southeast Florida. Gary uses ColorBond car interior paint as part of his business and shared two recent auto ColorBond projects.

“I use ColorBond paint as part of my business. I carry about 30 cans of ColorBond paint in assorted colors in my company vehicle. One of my used car dealership customers recently contacted me to repair and refinish the vinyl top of a 2007 Lincoln Town Car.” Says Gary. “Having spent a lot of time in the Florida sun, the top was in bad shape. It had cracks all over it and was discolored. I tried cleaning it, but the cracks were too bad. So, I applied light coats of filler to the cracks and lightly sanded it. Then I painted it with ColorBond LVP Refinisher paint. I love that ColorBond dries in 45 seconds, as opposed to water based car interior paint, that takes a while to dry.”

“Taking time to properly prep before painting is very important. I spent about 5 hours taping off areas. Though it takes a while to do, it ultimately saves time as I don’t have to take time to clean paint off the trim, etc. When painting I also learned a usage tip. If you put the cans of ColorBond in ice water for 15-20 seconds the paint provides even better coverage.”

“Repairing the top was much less expensive than replacing it. The dealer would have paid $500-$800 to replace the top. I did the repair for only $250! I used six cans of LVP Refinisher to do the job.”

Lincoln Vinyl Top – Before

Top Repainting in Progress

Vinyl Top After Painting

Vinyl Top After Painting with ColorBond

Another recent job I did with ColorBond was changing the color of a 2015 Fiat convertible top from tan to black. I used only four cans of paint and the result was excellent. By painting the top rather than replacing it the customer saved $300!” Gary concludes.

Fiat Convertible Top Before


Fiat Convertible Top After Painting with ColorBond

Thanks to Gary for sharing his projects. We at ColorBond are pleased craftsmen like Gary make ColorBond car interior paint a part of their business.

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