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Boat Upholstery Paint – Get Your Boat Ready for This Season

April 16, 2021


Want an easy way to spruce up or refinish your boat interior for the coming season? ColorBond LVP Refinisher boat upholstery paint is perfect for restoring and restyling your boat upholstery at a fraction of the cost of reupholstering. ColorBond is perfect for restoring the interior to its original appearance or creating a new look.

Check out the 2003 Maxum 2300 SC belonging to Debbie V. and her husband. Having been damaged by mold, the interior had been badly stained. After learning about ColorBond, Debbie decided to use LVP Refinisher to paint the seats, cushions, and dash.  She laughingly says: “I think I drove Malcolm (at ColorBond) crazy finding the right color that would most closely match the interior”.

Mildew stained bow cushion

After painting with LVP Refinisher

Mildew damaged dash

After painting with LVP Refinisher

Overall, Debbie used 14 cans of ColorBond LVP Refinisher boat upholstery paint at a cost of $230.86. In comparison, having the interior professionally reupholstered would have cost thousands.


Robert L. restored his Chris Craft using LVP Refinisher. As a member of the Antique and Classic Boat Society and Chris Craft Boat Club, Robert has received many compliments on the boat. People can’t believe that everything on his boat is still 100% original.

Original cushions painted with LVP Refinisher

Boat looks great!

Robert used six total cans of Vette Red and Sea Ray Cutty white to restore the dash and cushions. He spent under $100 for what normally would cost thousands.


The thick premium Italian leather seating in Ian V.’s 40’ Azimut power boat, a vessel made in Italy, began showing discoloration. Ian had heard good things about ColorBond and chose LVP Refinisher to restore their beauty. Ian says: “The leather has a slight suede texture which would leave a minor roughness after an applied coat dried. All I needed to do was rub it down with my hand and it smoothed right out. It turned out great!”




Discolored Leather seat

Painted with LVP Refinisher

Ian originally spoke with an upholsterer about replacing the leather and got a $3,500.00 estimate – and that was with using a leather inferior to the original. A total of four cans of LVP Refinisher were used at a cost of $65.96.


Megan H.’s pontoon boat seats had been stained by mildew, and after doing everything she could to clean them, they remained stained. After learning about ColorBond in Overton’s Magazine she ordered LVP Refinisher in white and dark blue to refinish the seats. It did an amazing job, and the seats look like new again. “I showed the results to several people that had suggested boat upholstery paint on the seats wouldn’t work, and they were very surprised!”

Mildew-stained seats

After LVP Refinisher

12 cans of LVP Refinisher completed the job at a cost $197.88. To replace the cushions would have cost thousands.

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