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BMW Trim Paint Trusted by BMW Owners

April 23, 2021


At ColorBond we regularly receive photos of customer projects in which our products are used. The level of finish quality these folks achieve is quite impressive and we love to share these projects with you on our website. We are always pleased and honored that our customers trust ColorBond paints to improve the look of their vehicles. Even more so when the vehicles are high-end. Customers trust us to improve their higher priced, high quality cars. That’s a brave step for someone who has never used ColorBond before and we are happy we don’t let them down. BMW’s certainly fit into the high-end category and we’d like to take this opportunity to show you some customer projects using ColorBond BMW trim paint.

Andrea Garcia used ColorBond LVP Refinisher to restyle the interior of her 2007 BMW 328i show car.

2007 BMW 328i as a ColorBond SEMA Feature Vehicle at the show. Andrea did a great job restyling the car and used ColorBond LVP Refinisher BMW upholstery paint to customize the interior.

“I wanted to restyle the interior of the car and was thinking on reupholstering the leather seats with custom leather covers. It would have cost several thousand dollars. Then I learned about ColorBond from a mobile automotive interior specialist. I had never before heard of BMW trim paint and was skeptical that it would work. However, I had a good experience with ColorBond and the project was fun! The interior gets lots of compliments and people were wondering if I installed a custom leather interior. They couldn’t tell the difference!” says Andrea.

Only four cans of ColorBond LVP Refinisher, totaling $66.00, were needed to paint the seats, door panels, console lid and emergency brake lever boot.

Anthony Dixon sent us photos of his BMW restyling project. “Everybody else paints their grilles and wheels black or go with chrome wheels when they are restyling their BMW’s. I wanted to do something different.” states Anthony.

Anthony started by using ColorBond LVP Refinisher in the correct OEM BMW Coral Red on the grill to match his red interior. Being thrilled with the outcome, he moved on to refinishing the side and rear window trim with the BMW trim paint.

“The paint had excellent coverage – I didn’t have to apply many coats like another paint I tried and was unhappy with, and it dried quickly. I then sprayed on a clearcoat. ColorBond is a product that works as claimed.” Anthony concludes.  

Of note, Anthony has so far used one can of ColorBond LVP Refinisher; restyling the grill and trim for only $16.49!

We were really pleased to get these photos from Lucy. She used only 2 cans of BMW Cinnamon to paint over the original cream color of her seats. She also used some grey carpet color for her floor mats. The results were fantastic!

“It was a last-ditch effort to renew the interior because I was so unhappy with the drab colors inside” she writes. “It literally has given me a new love for the car. All in all, is it gorgeous.”

Keeping it short and sweet Ramil K. says: “Completely changing the color of my interior wasn’t one of the easiest tasks to do, but I made it!”

Have you used ColorBond to restore or restyle your BMW? If so, please share your story with us at

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