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Corvette Trim Paint Saves the Day!

April 29, 2021


Corvettes made between 1997 to 2004 are experiencing issues with interior plastics cracking. Especially the bezel that surrounds the Heads Up Display which sits on top of the dash. To replace this part, the dash, console, and A-pillars need to be removed. A time-consuming job that requires $600.00-$750.00 in labor to replace a $25.00 part.

Ray F., of, came up with the idea of a designing a bezel overlay that could simply be laid over and adhered to the cracked HUD bezel, and which required no dash disassembly. He began producing and selling the overlays in 2013, and during that time found that due to the molding process some of the pieces had discoloration in the plastic. To recolor the parts to perfectly match the Corvette interior colors, Ray is using ColorBond Corvette trim paint in OEM Corvette correct colors.

Ray says the overall quality of the part is excellent, and so is the finish quality of the painted parts. He’s very particular about the quality of his products and is thrilled with the result.

Babe Adams wanted the seat inserts of his C6 Corvette to exactly match the car’s Velocity Yellow paint. He purchased a custom two-tone interior, but the manufacturer wasn’t able to provide the leather in the correct matching color.

“I was adamant about finding the leather in Velocity Yellow and looked all over the world but just couldn’t locate it. Then I found ColorBond upholstery paint, which I could use to recolor the seat inserts. ColorBond used my VIN number to provide ColorBond Seat Stylin in the correct Velocity Yellow color. I received the paint and tested it – it was perfect.” Says Babe. “It was hard to tell the leather was painted and it remained supple. Other products leave a plastic feel. The product worked just as presented in ColorBond’s demonstration videos on YouTube.”

Jake G. wanted to change the stereo in his C5 Corvette from a single-Din to a double-DIN head unit so he could add a touch screen entertainment system. To do so, a new console and lid that are designed to house the screen are installed. Since the console came unpainted, he used ColorBond Corvette trim paint that matched the Corvette OEM black color.

“I did the job in one afternoon. It looks great, and the paint laid down awesome – flat and clean” says Jake.

Ed I. wanted to restyle his Corvette’s interior, while staying within a tight budget. To do so he used LVP Refinisher Corvette trim paint and Carpet Refinisher to transform his tired and dated interior into a custom modern one.

Originally, Ed planned to just recolor the seats, but after seeing how great they turned out he decided to update the carpet as well. Ed used four cans of LVP Refinisher in BMW Cinnamon, and five cans of Carpet Refinisher in classic Black. A bottle of Prep Cleaner and a can of Adhesion Promoter were used as well.

Ed told us the average price of replacement leather seat covers is at least $400 per pair, and there were just a few color options offered. While a new replacement carpet would have cost $350 – $600. With ColorBond, he spent just under $170.00 for a complete interior makeover!

“Thank you for providing such an easy-to-use product line that even a novice DIY enthusiast can achieve professional results with!” says Ed.

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