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Car Door Panel Paint – Big Changes for Little Dollars

March 15, 2023


Car door panels receive a lot of wear and tear and can show signs of damage early in a vehicle’s life. Grabbing at interior door handles and door pulls can scratch the panels and using the top of the panel as an arm rest can create scratches and wear marks. The blemishes are usually cosmetic, and some folks just let it go. Others want to restore the panels and car door panel paint for leather and vinyl can help them achieve this economically.

Restoring Door Panels is an Economical Alternative to Replacement

New door panels can be quite expensive. However, restoring car door panels as opposed to replacing them is most often far more economical. Especially if the door panel is for a high-end car, for which parts prices are typically astronomical. The typical new Mercedes Benz door panel can cost about $300. However, a door panel can usually be painted with less than one can of ColorBond LVP leather, vinyl and plastic paint, at a cost of $23.35.

Car Door Panel Restoration – BMW 3 Series Example

BMW 3 Series door panel restored with ColorBond

Brian B. recently restored the door panels of his E36 BMW with ColorBond LVP. Choosing paint from ColorBond’s OEM correct color palette in BMW black, the results were fantastic. Not only did he use the paint as a car door panel paint, but he also refinished the rest of the interior with LVP Refinisher and used our Carpet Refinisher on the carpets. Can you image the cost of replacing all these interior components?

Brian refinished his entire interior with ColorBond!

Door Panel Paint Requirements

Coatings used as a car door panel paint must be designed for use on leather and vinyl. That is; a paint that bonds strongly and is flexible so it doesn’t crack or peel when the leather of vinyl is flexed. As well, it should remain adhered to the painted surface and not come off on skin and clothes. Also, it should dry quickly so the vehicle won’t be out of commission while waiting for the paint to cure. Another important quality door panel restoration is that it presents an attractive appearance and has the sheen of leather and vinyl used in automotive interiors. Shiny paint on leather and vinyl looks cheap and makes it obvious the panel was painted.

ColorBond LVP offers LVP Refinisher is perfect for use as a car door panel paint. ColorBond LVP makes door panel repair, restoring door panels and color matching easy. It dries to the touch in 45 seconds and forms a molecular bond within 10 minutes. As ColorBond customers attest, the paint looks fantastic, won’t flake, crack or peel and is durable while still allowing the original texture to show through. Using ColorBond LVP most often presents a far more economical alternative to replacing the door panel.

Painting Car Interior Door Panels

As with any paint job, preparation is key for car door panel restoration. Before painting, the removal of dust, dirt, grease, skin oil and other materials that could hinder adhesion is important. ColorBond Prep Cleaner is perfect for this. Of note, ColorBond LVP can also be used on hard plastics. In these instances, we recommend applying ColorBond Adhesion Promoter after cleaning and before painting.

Mercedes door panels painted with ColorBond LVP 

Check out another example of car door panel paint. Brian F. sent us some photos when he changed the color of the door panels in his Mercedes 300 SD from tan to black Mercedes Anthracite. He said “Many people have asked me when, and from where, did I buy brand new door panels and molding! Then I tell them it’s ColorBond!” He painted all four door panels and the console with four cans of ColorBond LVP, plus a can of adhesion promoter and Prep Cleaner. The total job cost was under $150. You can’t beat that savings.

Whether you’re restoring old plastic car door panels, or repairing newer leather trimmed panels, ColorBond LVP provides a quality finish at an affordable price.

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